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Trump Retweets Video Of Supporters Chanting 'White Power' At Protesters, Deletes After Backlash

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President Trump retweeted a video of an apparent supporter in a golf cart chanting "white power" at protesters. The tweet was removed from his feed hours later. The video was taken at a Florida retirement community known as The Villages.
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Trump Retweets Video Of Supporters Chanting 'White Power' At Protesters, Deletes After Backlash

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MSNBC photo 1 Trump Retweets Video Of Supporters... MSNBC photo 2 Trump Retweets Video Of Supporters... MSNBC photo 3 Trump Retweets Video Of Supporters... MSNBC photo 4 Trump Retweets Video Of Supporters...

For such a “stable genius” he sure does claim ignorance an awful lot.

by Ryann 1 hour ago

for the least racist person in America, he sure does and says lot of racist things

by spider pig 38 minutes ago

Man I miss having a normal president with values this guy is a joke.

by Luis Sanchez 1 hour ago

He’s done dog whistling, he’s got a full blown megaphone.

by Heather Davis 1 hour ago

Well, if he “wasn’t aware” (which is complete bs) then he’s TOO EFFING STUPID TO BE PRESIDENT

by Usagi Dango 44 minutes ago

Remember when he tweeted that a 71 year old man was Antifa and faked his brain injury. He is a disgrace, menace and loser

by Paul Baratta 1 hour ago

"I'm the least racist person you've ever met."
"Of course you are, The Donald."
"Thank you, Kayleigh."

by Graham Turner 1 hour ago

I could believe trump doesn’t know any thing . Like nothing at all.

by Zero The painter 1 hour ago

Yall put an open racist in the White House, and now he's embarassing you.

by Incognita True 36 minutes ago

"He's on a golf course right now..."
When the going gets tough, Trump gets golfing.

by Tal Moore 1 hour ago

Drumpf doesn't have to be a racist, he just needs his supporters to believe that he's a racist.

by Cool Hand Mark 1 hour ago

I didn’t know one could turn a knife in their own back. He’s so dumb.

by Aaron Burr Atwood. 47 minutes ago

Trump's comments about "good bloodlines" when he was rambling about Henry Ford (notorious bigot and Nazi sympathizer) at his event at the Ford automotive plant was another signal to his core base.

by Thunderchief1981 1 hour ago

Bunker boy is done and everyone knows his agenda to fill his pockets
Peace family

by Rusty James 44 minutes ago

Hey he was just saluting some of his “very good people” (his modern day confederates)😂😂😂

by JFM 001 1 hour ago

He did it, he meant it, and remember he said he does not joke.

by One Pretty Cookie 1 hour ago

They always lie for Trump as he’s a big liar himself

by sassy 1 hour ago

Trump: -
He knows no fear,
He knows no danger,
He knows nothing...

by Citizen 1138 1 hour ago

He deleted the tweet, so is he erasing history now, lol? he should delete himself out of the office.

by Matt Gibbs 17 minutes ago

This is why I'd never think of living in a seniors place.

by Just Traveling 47 minutes ago

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