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Why Trump Can't Be In A State Of Denial Anymore About Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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As cases of the coronavirus continue to spread globally, the president is not backing away from spreading personal beliefs about the virus that contradict health officials and experts. The panel discusses the dangers of Trump's hunches. Aired on 03/06/20.
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Why Trump Can't Be In A State Of Denial Anymore About Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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MSNBC photo 1 Why Trump Can't Be In... MSNBC photo 2 Why Trump Can't Be In... MSNBC photo 3 Why Trump Can't Be In... MSNBC photo 4 Why Trump Can't Be In...

Don’t blame just don the con, the republican senators that they kept the clown in power own most of this.

by Manny Radzky 2 months ago

The absolute Dumbest president of all time !!

by Randy Tallman 2 months ago

Is this the beginning of the fall?
Will it be his willful ignorance that ends the nation's lead in the world?
IQ45 HAS to be removed asap.

by Humans inpain 2 months ago

He CAN"T get REAL, he's sick and unable to react or act as a normal person!!!

by Yanan Good 2 months ago

"IF it turns into a pandemic"? Really?...every continent except Antarctica. It IS ALREADY a pandemic.

by Kyle Raglin 2 months ago

MAGA Toe tags ....coming soon to your neighborhood....cough....cough....

by Rebecca Bosley 2 months ago

Thanks to conservative policies, most people literally cant afford to stay home from work. They have no paid time off and your landlord/mortgage company won't accept coronavirus as an excuse for late/missed payments.

by Masha Mitchell 2 months ago

Thats because he never really ran anything in the 1st place!!! MIC DROP!!!

by fokuz02 2 months ago

Did Joe just say, "Trump has got to start telling the truth"?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

by Don Post 2 months ago

He fails as a CEO, fails at leadership, fails as a husband, fails in telling the truth and he fails as the President! Coward hides behind lies and deceit.

by Scottishroad35 Pinoy 2 months ago

They don’t wanna test cuz they don’t wanna know the real numbers..🤣

by maria manibog 2 months ago

Now, now. Give him time. I'm sure he'll eventually start throwing paper towels into the crowd.

by Mister Hat 2 months ago

Do we need any more reason to VOTE BLUE in November if we're going to save our Country and our DEMOCRACY?

by George B 2 months ago

Thanks GOP run senate for acquitting him! The gift that keeps on giving. 😂

by Vinyl Athletes 2 months ago

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the man take an intelligent leadership position.
He sticks his foot in his mouth every time he speaks
Nothing more than a talking cheese ball.

by tina Haynes 2 months ago

Trump supporters are screaming, "The Govt gots no right to force me to be tested!!"

by Don Post 2 months ago

Every thing in Donnie’s head revolves about the effect on him and his family period! He’s doesn’t give a dam about anyone.

by Raymond Taylor 2 months ago

Hey MSNBC, if the WH refuses to tell the truth, how about you guys put the doctor on every morning?

by Summer Ride 2 months ago

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