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Motivational Speech Compilation - WHY I SUCCEED - 1 Hour Motivation Video

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Motivational Speech Compilation - WHY I SUCCEED
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Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi


Ink,you da man.I'm 44 in 2016 I was in a head on collision with a semi truck.I was left with multiple fractures including both femurs and unable to walk..Ive spent 2 years saying"why me?". Now With your speech along with many others, I push myself harder then ever! I walk at least 1 mile every day NO MORE" why me" now it's " TRY ME". Thank you so much to all of those who tell their stories.helping me and I'm sure so many others to always do your best,it really works!

by Todd Dochstader 1 year ago

Why hasn't there a movie about inky Johnson yet...

by ellow maboiii 9 months ago

If you’re not motivated now, I️ don’t know what else can help.

by Dward 2 years ago

All of these guys have amazing stories, and I admire each and everyone of them!
Changing my mindset has helped me in a different way over the last couple days. I've been kind of depressed for a while, and was just letting things go around my place. I started by getting up early on a Sat morning, and I started tearing into projects that I kept saying "later" to for so long, that stuff had stacked up everywhere! I kept hearing "do it even if it's hard!" And I DID! I even challenged myself that every time I walked into a room, I had to accomplish SOMETHING in that room! I got so much done over this weekend, just from learning some discipline, and challenging myself!!
I'm looking forward to carrying this over into a healthier version of me too! Tonight I shop for healthy food, and if I need to listen to this motivational video every single day, I WILL! Nobody can change my stars but ME. Thank you!

by Linda Sanders 3 days ago

Inky johnsons story always brings tears to my eyes and purpose to my heart. God bless his soul. Thank you so much Inky.

by Jason Rouleau 7 months ago

5 stories from some very inspiring people. Hope this motivates you and have a great day.

by MulliganBrothers 2 years ago

I am 43, and I am the hero of my story. Took me long enough to realize this. I might have been knocked down countless times, but I ALWAYS get back up and continue on. Dont ever stop.

by Deborah Palmer 4 months ago

Thanks mulliganbros for all the hard work and time you out into what you do. I'm sure you have helped countless thousands through hard times and that's something special. Have a blessed day my friends.

by Michael Schwartz 2 years ago

This one is the best I’ve seen so far. Outta a great many,... this one compiles the most significant qualities that I can admire.
Well done. Glory to God.

by Specteams1 Slingshots 2 years ago

Always think of the good in everyone and everything. Eventually, things will appear a peace 😃tell it like it is, is also a great way of living free👽TRUTH!

by sally Maruame 1 year ago

Lots of love from India, keep going Mulligan brothers

by The Hustlers 2 years ago

2 years later and I'm still listening to this. I'm now 17, still working hard. Still focused. I want to join the navy and be on one of the most elite teams.

by K Lum 1 month ago

This video made me push alil harder. Today, I gave a little more.

by Jose Acosta 1 year ago

Love inky. Listened to his story dozens of times by now and every single time I get something from him. His podcast is excellent too

by leeroy Connect 4 months ago

Interesting how Gary V says he is happy... he "knows how he feels" - yet his voice tone and his language sounds so angry, aggressive, and snarly!!!! Hey, if that's his happiness, he rocks it. This is, in total, ONE OF THE BEST RECORDINGS I have listened on Youtube. Inky's story had me in tears. Freaking jeez...

by Terri Mitchell 1 year ago

The best compilation iv3 ever heard. God bless these men.

by dru's take 3 months ago

”I would never let a circumstance or a situation define my life” 📝

by Javier G Jimenez 1 year ago

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