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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 23 - I WILL BE MAYOR

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Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds up the centre of the mumbo mega base, then meets up with Grian to discuss the Mumbo for mayor plans, they decide on building a Grumbot. Mumbo Jumbo then meets with TangoTek to do a high velocity moustache trade making use of Tango's Hermitcraft ravager launcher..
Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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For hermit challenges, Mumbo should challenge Iskall to use a texture pack where diamonds are diorite and diorite is diamonds

by Jesse Novik 2 weeks ago

other youtubers: flexing their money by showing off their cars/designer clothes
mumbo: 3kg of haribos

by Mypath 1 week ago

Mumbo: minding his own business


by Bio Crash 2 weeks ago

“I’m not gonna think about that right now cause I’m gonna cry a lot”

Rescheduling emotion

by SaaliHealer 2 weeks ago

Tango needs some "HairGrowth" crystals.
Maybe Scar has some?
Then tango gets a stache

by TableFruitSpecified 2 weeks ago

Hey mumbo, when you are collecting stone, instead of you just digging under your base, you should mine out the area where you are going to put the glass for the 'fog effect'. This means you will be doing two things at once while building your base

by Demonhunter1011 2 weeks ago

Mumbo:"Lets go up to 38 chunks. Watch my computer catch fire."

Me: Laughs in Bedrock edition.

by 12345assad Qwerty 1 week ago

POV: me waiting for mumbo to come out with his next episode saying he messed up the maths for his tower

by Bobby Evens 1 week ago

Grian's diamond shovel-Managed to destroy stone at a single hit.
Mumbo's Indestructible-Am I a joke to you?

by Pro Ninja 1 week ago

English people saying mayor like: "méè"

by Mellow888Mood 2 weeks ago

Seeing Mumbo with moustache is now wierd, just like how I feel when I see Mike Wazowski with just a single eye now.

by Amirdex -TDG 2 weeks ago

"we have plans for marriage" Me: I know you meant mayorage, but I can't help myself

by ZX Fury 2 weeks ago

Iskall already has a diamond throne of his own

by getit_ 24 2 weeks ago

“It can tear through time and space, but not through a paper bag” -Mumbo 2020 😂

by Sloane Clark 1 week ago

Welsknight went to bed. He is back

by NOT FLUFFY 2 weeks ago

Mumbo, I was watching other Hermit videos and I have discovered that Etho has some challenges burn sticks on his base. (Ep 11 ). Obviously this means Etho wants to be challenged so you should invite him to HERMIT CHALLENGES and challenge him. Considering what Etho did with Shade-E-E’s and just his personality I think he would be great for the cult.

by unlimited.2 2 weeks ago

Mumbo, a giant crystal at the top of the ancient tower like the one in scars village would fit perfectly. I think It would be wonderful if you could get your builds to tie in to each other's in small-ish ways like that.

by sequoiatree107 wood 1 week ago

“Seriously seriously cool” he doesn’t like the build if he don’t say that.

by Liam Eric 2 weeks ago

Someone: how long have you been watching Mumbo?
Me:*humming April showers* What?

by C. SCOTT WILDE 2 weeks ago

is... is that a pile of Wandering Traders' heads in the background??

by MoonriseMystery1211 1 week ago

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