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MVOTV | The REAL Reason The View's Joy Behar Turned on Bernie Sanders After Supporting Him

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MVOTV | The REAL Reason The View's Joy Behar Turned Her Back on Bernie Sanders
Many ViewErs of ABC's The View have been wondering why host Joy Behar appears to dislike Democratic Candidate for President Bernie Sanders, when she seemingly had supported him for years, even naming her dog after him! Well, on a recent show, Joy Behar explained why she has 'turned' on him..
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The thing that has really irked the heck out of me with Joy this election cycle, is her willingness to defend Bloomberg's record at all costs. She makes up endless excuses for very valid concerns that Meghan and Sunny bring up quite often, it's become really cringey to watch lately.

by antigoniem06 3 months ago

It is clear that Bernie is leading and this scares the crap out of the main media which means most likely he could get the nomination and that’s their attempt to persuade the country, so people should do their homework and stop listening main media because they clearly don’t and won’t have our best interest. Thanks for sharing K

by Peace on earth 3 months ago

I remember she would even call herself a Democratic socialist

by Gilbert Rubio 3 months ago

Now that he might win the nomination Joy backs away. I don't get it! Maybe she really wants to keep her tax cut?

It's all about $$$ with these ppl.

by Patrick R. 3 months ago

I am tired of hearing the “conservative” thing, I mean why in the world doesn’t anyone say to McCain well the GOP is now a bunch of racists? One candidate is not the entire party, but as a resident here from Canada I find that Sanders is the most electable and decent person, he isn’t talking about radical ideas he is trying to give you all the same things we fought for. You all need health care badly! The care you have here is not care it’s a business and it’s frustrating to live here knowing I could have been better off, I now regret moving here and honestly wish we could go home

by Larisa Hunter 3 months ago

Joy really disappointed me when I heard her say that! I thought she was the “progressive” on the view! I found myself agreeing with Megan more than joy this year!

by bonnie helle 3 months ago

She really defense Bloomberg a lot She threw Bernie under the bus!!!!!!

by Rodney Herring 3 months ago

Keep in mind Bernie pushed Disney to pay $15/hour to minimum wage workers maybe this is corporate rage from the top down. Though the hosts don’t want to pay in taxes but Whoopi’s Yang fandom that we should be paid either dividends or paid for our data be each tech company is far more communist than even Bernie goes and Bloomberg avoided saying yes to that idea, because that is not far from nationalizing companies. though I’m hearing that they and Amazon(Bernie’s Stop Bezos Act) may now be pushing for a universal $15/hour minimum wage, don’t know how true that is.

by Amanda Rob 3 months ago

I think what Joy says is just a lot conjecture based on who she surrounds herself with. I remember one show where she said she went to some fundraising dinner with Pelosi. And Pelosi told her only a moderate candidate could beat Trump. Whoopi is a millionaire, Abby her dad is an ambassador to Russia she has millions, joy is worth 12 million, sunny was an attorney is worth millions, and Meghan and her family are worth hundreds of millions. ABC hates Bernie Sanders along with Msnbc, and CBS, and CNN. They want all thier hosts on point and if one of them like Joy wasn't on message they probably said something or paid her more to forget about her progressive beliefs and ideals. For heaven sake Micheal smerconish on CNN used a anti semetic trope comparing Senator Sanders to coronavirus that is how disgusting this has gotten. The view has just become a platform to attack and twist what Sanders said in debates like reality and truth doesn't matter. Millionaires like these hosts are clutching their pearls scared they might have to pay their share in taxes. The more the attack the more they seem to look desperate to stop Bernie.

by Sara Oswald 3 months ago

On one episode, she gave a beautiful speech about how unemployment benefits helped her when she was fired as a teacher, and pursuing her passion of comedy. And also, how she finished college for $75 a semester..She said “if that makes me a Democratic Socialist,then so be it!” I was so amazed by that. I personally believe ABC has threatened her job bc of her opinion. They already suspended another anchor for calling himself a socialist. Scary times we’re in. Smh😔

by Keen Lagerfeld 2 months ago

I wish folks would look up the definition of socialist, democratic, communists
and then look at some of our own systems instead of just repeating what they hear or think those words mean!

by C Ferreira 3 months ago

Hey!! Joy is about her money and not about her integrity!!
Whoopi Goldberg is about her money and not get integrity!!
Whoopi in a way said," I pay enough!"

by 21's Change 3 months ago

Joy had me fooled...thought she was all in for Bernie. Could we partially blame Joy for influencing the 2016 with a nod to Bernie? lol I love Bernie

by Arielsummers 3 months ago

I think there is more to the story with Joy. I have followed her for a very long time. I used to watch her when she had shows on Current TV and Headline News. She has a long history of being a progressive. I don’t know what happened, but she does seem to have changed recently.

by AJ McClary 3 months ago

When I saw the clip of Joy dismissing her past love of Bernie and Megan saying you named your dog after him I also questioned if ABC said something to her so many times she has given a progressive view. Hire a progressive who won't back down View

by Eve Brown 2 months ago

Remember when she said she goes for men who are Jewish and socialist? I think her husband likes him so she did too, because she tought he couldn't win. Seems to me this is one of those things where you like the idea, but not it's implementation.

by Baloncica bb 3 months ago

Meghan McCain go home. Well we have another show now on cw30

by Belinda Jones 2 months ago

Joy has always said she is voting for whoever she believes can beat Trump. Maybe she believes Bloomberg can because he's very similar to him. People change their minds throughout the campaigning and debates. She just wants Trump out, no matter who does it.

by Michaela Rayburn 3 months ago

Unfortunately I agree with Joy.. Most of the country agrees that; Bernie Sanders as the democratic nominee would only work in Trump's favor.

by walinton 3 months ago

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