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Pro vs Anti Trump Seniors protest at The Villages in Florida

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name photo 1 Pro vs Anti Trump Seniors... name photo 2 Pro vs Anti Trump Seniors... name photo 3 Pro vs Anti Trump Seniors... name photo 4 Pro vs Anti Trump Seniors...

I love how americans love doing pointless protests instead of actually just voting lol...

by SteakOnSpear 5 days ago

Imagine being 70 years old and mentally 7.

by InqWiper 5 days ago

This is the funniest sh*t I've seen in a long time.

by bogyo66 5 days ago

Man i want to do this at that age, riding in a golf car and supporting the great ones :)

by Jonathan d 5 days ago

Calling everyone passing a "nazi" beacuse having another opinion then herself :D That old lady doesnt know what a "nazi" is.

by jkdeadfox 5 days ago

the fun stops, when the left arrives :) who are these people, always depressed

by pedro santos 5 days ago

This civil war is not going to be pretty.

by John Doe 4 days ago

democrat "logic" at it's best.

by M V 5 days ago

I would've been waving at them like it was some royal family car parade.

by Blame 5 days ago

I guess the fluoride in the water really does work.

by doubtingmantis 3 days ago


by Lingnut1435 4 days ago

All American soldiers fighting all over the world must be really proud of these people they are protecting.

by Robbankakan1 5 days ago

Things have never been so exciting in the Villages!

by Don Cable 3 days ago

I have seen a lot of those signs, have yet to see anyone show evidence of Trump being that. Every time people are asked for evidence, they are always like... uuurh, but it's our slogan!
Yeah that's all well and good, but how about some evidence for what you are accusing him for?

by The Honkler 5 days ago

Left-wing 'tolerant' protestors shouting at everyone they don't understand. Standing in the road playing victim. What else is new.

by ind0ctr1n3 6 days ago

Funny how those screaming they hate Trump will be the first complaining under a Biden Presidency when the mobs come for them. I'm Joe Biden and I approve these riots.

by Reg Watson 4 days ago

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