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Natalie Taylor - Surrender (Official Lyric Video)

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Lyric video for "Surrender" by Natalie Taylor.
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Who’s here during quarantine?😂Let’s grow together

by william Jerry 2 weeks ago

Jesus is coming back repent and give ur life to him before it's too late

by Jerry Ngawana Ngawana 2 weeks ago

She released this song years ago. I think the first time I heard it was Jane the virgin.

by Weirdflower 3 weeks ago

who’s here from Jane the Virgin and not tiktok lol

by Macy Simon 2 weeks ago

I lost my dad to and this song makes me just feel omg man 🥺 ty For this It makes me feel like I’m talking to him

by シʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴBᴏɪJᴀʏ 2 weeks ago

Don’t listen to this unless you’re ready to cry

by MaintainOfficial 2 weeks ago

I am so proud of you, Natalie. I remember discovering you back in the days of myspace... lol. You are remarkable. I remember the first time I heard your song on a show and I lost it. I was SO proud of you!! So happy for you!! I still am. I hear your voice all the time when watching shows and I instantly know when it's you. God bless, lovely! Your voice is truly a gift from the Lord. <3!

by NoFeArChiC2 2 weeks ago

Sigh. When Jane and Michael kissed to this song 😭😭😭

by Daniel C 4 weeks ago

here wondering how people are just seeing this talent when I've heard this years ago.

by ephmeral 2 weeks ago

I can’t believe they named her after David dobrik’s assistants

by Jose Velazco 2 weeks ago

this song genuinely saved a friendship that for the past 8 months didn’t exist. thank you for giving me that. but also this song hurts like a mother. it’s genuinely my last relationship & holy crap 🥺😭

by Brooklyn Booth 3 weeks ago

I swear this song existed since ~2016 in many ship edits but I guess TikTok really has that power to make really good underrated songs blow up

by Ellie Hernandez 2 weeks ago

I surrender all my betrayals all my hurts all my wrong doings I forgive I forget and let live I'm at peace thank God Almighty I'm free free at last free at last thank God Almighty 🙌 m free

by Eric Sanchez 2 weeks ago

Damn... all the way back to Jane the Virgin. Miss that show. It was great. This is a gorgeous video! So pleasing to the eye. 😌 🌊 🧘🏻‍♀️

by Adriana Avila 1 month ago

You guys are late....this became a bop when Michael and Jane kissed under the snow fall 💖

by Tala Zmeili 2 weeks ago

I love how this song is getting more attention now!! It’s so beautiful!😍

by Juby A 3 weeks ago

Never heard this song but it’s gorgeous

by Alexa Kearney 2 weeks ago

i’m so glad this blew up on tiktok because i never would have knew what it was! it’s so beautiful and i love it 😊

by sarah 2 weeks ago

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