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Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30 Plays!!!

NBA photo 1 Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30... NBA photo 2 Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30... NBA photo 3 Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30... NBA photo 4 Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30...

The legend say he even got his wife pregnant from 30 feet...

by Shd Lip 1 year ago

Watching steph play is like scratching a satisfying itch.

by john 11 months ago

The most entertaining basketball player EVER.

by Warren Flores 1 year ago

He can pass, and he can score, non selfish and such a great personality. For me Curry is the best player, change my mind...

by Anonymous Youtuber! 4 months ago

I love how he looks small compared to the other players but irl he would tower over me

by Reck 5 months ago

Is it just me or does curry have eyes behind his back? He just knows where his teammates are without looking

by Kevin Ding 8 months ago

Don't be distracted from the fact that curry had bad eyesight this whole time

by weloveyou kayjay 5 months ago

: Curry scores from the 3 point line...on the other half of the court.

by Manoj Raghavendran 5 months ago

This man single handedly changed the game of basketball. The three point shot is in every playbook now. We have centers in the nba who shoot 3s now.I hate his team but he is arguably the greatest shooter in nba history.

by mellowman1024 1 year ago

Stephโ€™s injury is the reason why ratings have gone down.

by shlidgn90 5 months ago

It's scary how good he is at raining threes. He barely ever uses the board.

by Ameen Saif 5 months ago

The craziest but the sharpest shooter in the history of basketball.

by Ramon Acuna 11 months ago

Heโ€™s the only player ever where youโ€™re more surprised when he misses than when he makes it

by Jaden Engelhardt 3 months ago

When they said โ€œthere is really something special about this manโ€

i felt that

by Ava Deuel 10 months ago

Curry is amazing. There's magic in his body.

by Drew Jens 1 month ago

The guy who made me fall in love with bastketball !

by Meek Lee 2 years ago

He is spectacularly talented. This was a joy to watch.

by Greta Garbolini 1 year ago

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