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Bolton: 'America Can Recover From One Term Of Donald Trump' | Meet The Press | NBC News

#MTP Full Interviews #Biden #impeachment #2020 election #News & Politics
Former National Security Adviser John Bolton joins Meet the Press to talk about reports of Russian bounties on American soldiers and what he saw working in the Trump White House.
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Bolton: 'America Can Recover From One Term Of Donald Trump' | Meet The Press | NBC News

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NBC News photo 1 Bolton: 'America Can Recover From... NBC News photo 2 Bolton: 'America Can Recover From... NBC News photo 3 Bolton: 'America Can Recover From... NBC News photo 4 Bolton: 'America Can Recover From...

John Bolton is like the Forrest Gump of Republican politics. He's always involved somehow. From Iraq to this.

by Rusat Ramgopal 6 hours ago

Hello! Watching from Norway: Bolton is blaming the Democrats for bipartisan impeachment prosess. What about GOP's responsibility for closeing the eyes to Mr Trump's political corruption and power-grab?

by Anneli 4 hours ago

I never saw a President fight so much with everyone. Even Republican Presidents!

by Mike Pelligrino 5 hours ago

Chuck Todd just sat there and allowed John Bolton to say that, essentially, "if Democrats were nice to Republicans, they would have done the right thing." BOTH OF YOU ARE FULL OF **** .

by Alice's Rabbit 5 hours ago

Mr. President be arguing with any and every one 😷

by no one 6 hours ago

Is America aware of the fact that it's ruled by its most stupid people? Real life Idiocracy...

by Ion R. 4 hours ago

Bolton has insulted the entire country with his self-serving refusal to testify during the impeachment hearings - so tired of all these “ex-trumpets” tooting their own horns at the expense of our democracy.

by Leonaza7 6 hours ago

The sad part about this whole game is that he refuses to say before I let the democrats win I would rather let a man I think is repulsive get away with burning down the country he clam he to love.

by levelleo bell 6 hours ago

Why are they making this war mongering monster with blood up to his armpits like some kind of hero now? WTF.

by jerry P. 6 hours ago

The rats know their boat is about to sink

by -- 6 hours ago

“Look, I’ve written it in the book !”
He believes everyone should buy that crap and make him rich !

by Zbigniew Brezinsky 4 hours ago

Trump: "I don't know anything about it."
Translation: "I knew everything about it."

by Mike West 5 hours ago

if Bolton had testified, maybe we wouldn't have had to wait the full term of Trump.

by cee doubleyou 1 hour ago

Why is he not on Fox Spews, letting them know their Orange Emperor has no clothes?

by Leo A 6 hours ago

Bolton: "why did I not stood up against corruption? money money money , mooooneeyy"

by Cybr Friends 5 hours ago

Common sense people 20 soliders died intel told trump did nothing that alone needs attention the bs fake media line and denying goes no where CALLING ALL reporters worldwide do your stuff

by Darcy 6 hours ago

Barry Manilow and Melissa Gilbert warned us about this.

by cory wright 5 hours ago

Trump’s a dangerous and corrupt Government official.

by Join the Journey 6 hours ago

Watching from Canada...why does anyone even give this goof airtime?

by Sandy Burgess 6 hours ago

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