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Pompeo Denies Inspector General Firing Was Retaliation, Calls Allegations ‘Crazy Stuff’ | NBC News

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denied that the firing of Inspector General Steve Linick was retaliation. Linick was looking into allegations that Pompeo made a staffer perform personal errands, like walking his dog, which Pompeo dismissed as “crazy stuff.”
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Pompeo Denies Inspector General Firing Was Retaliation, Calls Allegations ‘Crazy Stuff’ | NBC News

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NBC News photo 1 Pompeo Denies Inspector General Firing... NBC News photo 2 Pompeo Denies Inspector General Firing... NBC News photo 3 Pompeo Denies Inspector General Firing... NBC News photo 4 Pompeo Denies Inspector General Firing...

It’s easy to tell when Mike is lying because words are coming out of his mouth.

by V 2 weeks ago

Mike Pompeo is one of the dirtiest lap dogs around smfh

by Luv Provida 2 weeks ago

So he's calling the president a liar???

by JA S 2 weeks ago

why am I not surprised!! a sick administration, rotten to the core and pungent from the top !!

by 少川靖男 2 weeks ago

Daily Reminder: Trump called the Corona virus a Democrat hoax that will miraculously disappear.

by Eyehayt Apricots 2 weeks ago

First sign of a poor leader. Keeps firing the help.

by Richard Owen 2 weeks ago

Top of the class in lying, cheating and stealing.

by Bee be Cee 2 weeks ago

Pompeo: “we lied we cheated we stole”. And “I’m lying to you now!”

by Owen C 1 week ago


by Toni Coffee 2 weeks ago

From a 3 piece suit , to an orange jumpsuit. Lock Him Up ! 🔐

by David Ellis 2 weeks ago

Trump’s lapdog...sit, stay, heel...old crazy boy?

by Neil Taylor 2 weeks ago

Mike Pompeo has Dishonored West Point Code of Honor. A Cadet will Not; "Lie, Cheat, Steal or Tolerate Those Who Do."

by Dittzx 2 weeks ago

Fourth IG dismissed. Smells like a swamp.

by Sunnydaze 2 weeks ago

He denies it, yeah duh wtf do you expect a low life to say. If he's guilty certainly not going to admit it. Pretty much have to assume guilt in cases like this

by SinistaN 2 weeks ago

This admin is very very corrupt. If you didn't know then you should know. This morbidly obese guy is a corrupt man who has keys to all of our Intel and spies on Americans. He is sickening

by liam the englishmen 2 weeks ago

"I deny this reality and substitute my own..."
Dr. Who

by Jerome Lund 2 weeks ago

Time for Pompeo to go.If president doesn't remove him , Congress should.Or,we the people, have our chance in November.

by Larry Mosher 2 weeks ago

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