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PFTPM: Rodney Harrison talks Cam Newton, NFL season's obstacles (FULL EPISODE) | NBC Sports

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Mike Florio chats with Rodney Harrison about the obstacles that stand in the way of an NFL season and shares his thoughts on Cam Newton signing with the Patriots. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #CamNewton
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PFTPM: Rodney Harrison talks Cam Newton, NFL season's obstacles (FULL EPISODE) | NBC Sports

#new england #mike florio #NFL #Athlete #pro football talk #pft #Golf #patriots #NBA #NHL #new england patriots #MLB

NBC Sports photo 1 PFTPM: Rodney Harrison talks Cam... NBC Sports photo 2 PFTPM: Rodney Harrison talks Cam... NBC Sports photo 3 PFTPM: Rodney Harrison talks Cam... NBC Sports photo 4 PFTPM: Rodney Harrison talks Cam...

Come here for football. Hope I don’t heAr about COVID “the new normal”

by Pete de la Vega 5 days ago

starts Cam Newton convo. First 12 min covid...

by Hunter Wilson 5 days ago

I'm surprised that Rodney is taking the virus so seriously. Never took him to be that kind of person. He was my favorite player for so many years. I always considered him to be the heart and soul of those Patriots teams that I loved so much. It's a little disappointing that he seems to have a stance on health and safety that is so opposed to my own.

by Tom Reichner 2 days ago

So sick of media saying “numbers skyrocketing!,!” Yet fail to mention hospitalization and deaths are still dropping. Yes, we must all be safe, but there’s a huge difference between being hospitalized and getting a mild strain of COVID that may even be asymptomatic. Just something to consider when making decisions.

by Travis Rowe 4 days ago

Remember when the media said Saddam had WMD’s?

by defmidi 4 days ago

Sweep the rigging under the carpet.. Green Bay wins the NFC North title belt again Baltimore And Pittsburgh tag team champions of the AFC North😘

by Whitney Bowens 4 days ago

Rodney's got VERY valid points. The way the NFL is played mandates that players do the EXACT OPPOSITE than the "social distancing" and masks. And all it's gonna take is one team suddenly dealing with a breakout of COVID-19, and Goodell will have to shut the league down. Same with the NBA, MLB, NHL. I'm a pro sports nut and want to see ANY live competition as much as anyone, but until there's a vaccine, I don't see pro sports teams going live.

by Mike S 2 days ago

Rodney is a nut!

by HW2800 4 days ago

Rodney back on that Rock believing Newton gonna Challenge Mahomes!

by Terry McBride 5 days ago

Rodney brings up good points. I mean, what would it take? One young football player or coach to get really ill or die to call off the season?

by Pyruvate 5 days ago

Viruses are and always have been the hardest nut to crack and the way people have been talking, it's like they expect a cure for covid-19 to show up some time next month... People, there may never be a cure. Remember HIV (aids)? You can now be treated and live a relatively long and normal life BUT there still isn't a cure for it and people with it live with it. That might be what covid-19 is. That some people are so cavalier about it reflects so much ignorance. You get it and you'll never get rid of it. You. Not me. I don't want to be that guy.

by neil adlington 5 days ago

Wake up, the season is over. No vaccine next year = no nfl in 2021

by Phil Easler 5 days ago

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