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Bulbbul | Official Trailer | Tripti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary | Netflix India

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A story set in the late 19th Century Bengal, Bulbbul traverses the journey of a young girl from innocence to strength, as the legend of a chudail casts a looming shadow over her world..
Bulbbul is a supernatural thriller produced by actor & producer Anushka Sharma & Karnesh Ssharma (Clean Slate Filmz) and directed by Anvita Dutt. It's the haunting tale of a young, innocent bride who grows up to be a strong, mysterious woman presiding over her household. She harbours a painful past as several murders of men plague her village.
Bulbbul streams on 24th June, only on Netflix.
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Bollywood- no
Only Netflix bring talented people not the starkids. They don't deserve on Netflix.

by Alexandria V 1 week ago

Its not a horror! People are getting the genre wrong...its a supernatural thriller!

by Amina Mo 1 week ago

we need this type of cinema rather than rubbish like SOTY.

by Bhushan Sahu 1 week ago

Yes indeed it's a horror movie. It has shown ghosts in disguise of humans.... a harsh reality, many girls are dealing with everyday!!!!

by DEBPRIYA SAHA 1 week ago

Question is man can cross boundaries and never be questioned, but woman is questioned at every step? Why such choice?

by Ananya De 6 days ago

I watch this movie in English language I swear this is the best horror movie after tumbbad let me tell you moral of the story this is first time you are going to afraid of human not ghost

by Change Position 6 days ago

This is the actual truth of our mean minded society. They only know how to abuse women and cannot bear a higher level of women. They tortured, beat and even harassed women sexually. On the other hand they worship the women goddess for power and help but don't know to respect their own wife or mother or sister or daughter. Thank God for some great people like Vidyasagar, Raja Rammohan Roy and so on that we have come to a better position of our society now.

by Tania Majumder 3 days ago

Why you didn't mention the Name of Paoli Dam in the Title? Or in the description? Nor of Parambrata?

by prarthana mondal 6 days ago

Yes Netflix you can kill the Nepotism scheme. Show the power of a Talented actor/actress who can win hearts by their performance.

R.I.P Sushant Singh Rajput

by Subham Dhrua 2 weeks ago

this movie shows that women are not weak i like how bulbbul came back to protect all little girls and women from sexual and physical abuse i love this movie

by Alex Lam 1 week ago

You can feel the horror only when you put yourself at bulbul's place and conditions ....quite easy for the females but male rarely feel the horror...
And feel like an another bulshit after so many others like pink section 375 ...

by neha singh 1 week ago

Itโ€™s has a very deep meaning. Blind mentality can not go through this. I must say It's an honourable tribute to all those woman and justice for those little girl who never had a life..

by Tanuza Khan 1 week ago

Produced by Anushka Sharma. I respect her for giving these actors a chance, unlike Bollywood. I'll watch for sure

by Serving It Cold 1 week ago

Strarkids: we will work in Netflix series.
Netflix : beta , tumse na ho payega ye.

by Tushar benke 2 weeks ago

this movie sets a great example of feminism, no I think you got me wrong. being feminist is just not being sexist,
such a great women empowerment movie

by erra joshi 2 days ago

I m at the half of the movie and itโ€™s amazing. The actress killed it. She is so pretty and deserves more good movies.

by Elina Don 6 days ago

Tripti dimri is so talented she was so perfect for this role. She nailed it

by Anamika Kangane 1 week ago

Those who came here to see the trailer must watch this movie.. it has very deep meaning and the movie was simply superb. I like it a lot

by sneha cherry 6 days ago

It's time we take a moment and appreciate actors like Parambrata, Paoli Dam and Rahul Bose. Give them any role, and they'll make them shine! And Tripti Dimri! Take a bow!

by Ayushee Saha 1 week ago

Triptiโ€™s face carries range of emotions so well. Her kind face can emote hopelessness with crinkling her eyebrows, mischief with a smirk, shock with her wide eyes. She flips her expressions so well. Brava act ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

by Uni Corn 1 week ago

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