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13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

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The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future..
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13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.

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Netflix photo 1 13 Reasons Why: Final Season... Netflix photo 2 13 Reasons Why: Final Season... Netflix photo 3 13 Reasons Why: Final Season... Netflix photo 4 13 Reasons Why: Final Season...

I remember when this show used to be about a girl who commited suicide and her mental issues.

by Liam Singh 2 weeks ago

Imagine being in class with a bunch of murderers, framers, instigators, rioters and rapists.

by Worst Nightmare 1 week ago

Them in high school: dealing with deaths, abuse, drugs, police involvement

Me in high school: struggling to memorize the quadratic formula

by Banufshay 4 days ago

Character: dies
Their ghost to Clay: “Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

by Daniel Bonta 3 days ago

Clay: I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her
Mr. Porter: You can't love someone back to life
Clay: You can try

Remember this?

I really miss the show when it was about Hannah now they're saying goodbye, I..

by Dreamerellaღ 4 days ago

This went from 13 reasons to how to get away with murder lmfaoo

by Bobby Jolin 2 weeks ago

I hope the writers are wise enough to make ani’s role less important in this season.

Wow thanks so much for so many likes.

by TigerClaws M 1 week ago

season1:hannah died
Season2:school sued
season3:bryce dead
season4:monty framed
season5:Clay has cure of Corona Virus
Season6:clay buys liberty High
Season7:hannah comes back from death
Season8:Zach accused of spreading Corona Virus
Season9:Bryce was hiding from last5 years
Season10:Hannah weds Bryce Walker
Season11:Clay Murdered
Season12:Tony Accused
Season13:Tony becomes Terrorrist and takeover the city

by Rohan Bhullar 6 days ago

soooo this show was never really about hannah as everyone intended it to be… it’s about Clay .

by Simply Markaylahh 1 week ago

13 reasons why im scared to use school bathrooms

by acacia blu 1 week ago

This school literally has a student die basically every year

by Laya Worth 2 weeks ago

Oh god why did they bring Anie back smh worst character ever

by The Boy 1 week ago

no one:
literally no one:
clay the whole show:
"I see dead people"

by Rabii Alaoui 6 days ago

It looks like Clay has schizophrenia. I mean it's obvious, he's always hallucinating..

by CHIPS LAYS NATURE 6 days ago

Tyler: "I thought this was over.."
Justin: "Isn't it, at some point, enough is enough?"
Us: Yes.

by Will Kelly 2 days ago

Clay "carrying this entire show on my back" Jensen

by Becca 2 weeks ago

I missed that line "hey it's hannah. Hannah baker...........live and in stereo."

by Mirza 1 week ago

Any of u remember: Sheri, Ryan, Marcus, Courtney or mr Porter

Me neither

by COV Hoodrat ! 1 day ago

guys, this season is trying to start a conversation about how one girls suicide can lead to unrealistic storylines

by ok 1 week ago

Be honest, you are back because you finished watching it.

by Devoted 4 hours ago

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