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Game Glitches: Super Cat Tales 2 is CURSED

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Have you ever experienced game glitches in Super Cat Tales 2? In this video I show you some of the most mysterious game glitches of Super Cat Tales 2 which I believe are cursed! Why are they cursed, you ask? Well, no matter how hard I try I haven't found a way to fix them.
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Halloween: is maybe the scariest time of the year
Super cat tales 2 glitches: hold my raw fish

by Hannah Peebles 7 months ago

Who knew “shinji close the door” was a cursed glitch

by Robo 7 months ago

The missing glitch:sometimes my cat stuck in the floor and I have to start all over again

by UwU Art 7 months ago

Me: SCT 2 isn't scary!
Sees video
Me: I regret saying that...

by Walon Furter 7 months ago

Here are all 4 glitches listed here, incase you don't wanna spend 8 minutes:

1: Shut The Door!
In Goldburg, there is a cutscene where Kallios send a soilder to gaurd the gate. That soilder will run back in, just after exiting, due to a snowstorm. In rare occurrences, the soldier never returns and the door is left open.

2: Cursed Flute
In Ramal town, there is a citizen napping while on a roof. If you approach him with an Olli Cape, coming from the right, then swap to the Flute, he will not wake up for some reason.

3: Bad Mushrooms
In areas with mushrooms, the mushrooms should give you huge jumps. Sometimes though, the huge jump breaks mid-jump.

4: World 3-2
In World 3-2, you meet Kuro. Cool! Now, meet him in the Chinese or Russian language. Game crash.

by Birb ! 7 months ago

Me:oh God the game looks cute😍😍
The actual game: I'm about to destroy ur sleep with glitches 😈😈

by Smug Lord 7 months ago

Me: Sees heart
Also Me: I thought it was Halloween not Valatines

by Berd Boi Rolls 7 months ago

Glitch: can't earn only one achievement "secret area 1", any way to fix it?

by Cremules Cremacles 7 months ago

Update: alex is still in the floor

by Daxdude777 K 7 months ago

I've experienced the "Shut the door" glitch first time i played that level.

by Bat Mov 7 months ago

Missed glitch: Graveyard Jumpscare. Sometimes when I play spooky levels and I get hit with fire I get Jumpscared with a gacha thing. Idk why but its the most cursed glitch that happened to me.

by OreoFloof Animations 7 months ago

Halloween Surprise? HYPEE

also a glitch (which is a rare one in fact) happens when Shinji jumps out of the water and floats to the top of the screen for a second or two before falling back in the water. i dunno how it happened and nor do i know how to recreate it
(this glitch happens at the end of the first section of World 5-2)

by Maxeria Shade 7 months ago

why did i watch this at night >-<

its 11:37 PM here haha

btw will there be a halloween update ?

by Noria Krishadel Tamayo 7 months ago

Creepy glitches I'm having nightmares O_o

by Rubix Dude10 7 months ago

You need to explain Amy and Alex’s relationship for Valentine’s Day!

by Xx_ShadowSlayer_xX 7 months ago

I’ve experienced the bad mushroom glitch many times

by Denyah Draws 7 months ago

I have this strange and kinda cool glitch that means whenever i load the game up i have 1110 coins no matter what, even if i buy something

by Scarlett Taylor 7 months ago

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