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Why I Left LG... (We made a new team)

Nicks photo 1 Why I Left LG... (We... Nicks photo 2 Why I Left LG... (We... Nicks photo 3 Why I Left LG... (We... Nicks photo 4 Why I Left LG... (We...

Fun fact: All the LG content creators posted this at the same time 😂

by Fright 1 week ago

Who didn’t even notice the tape till he pointed it out

by Cory Kelly 6 days ago

Sign qt claps he pretty much has won 300 customs 😂

by Anonymous 6 days ago

Nicks: I’m sure ur wondering why there’s tape on this good shirt
Me: didn’t even realise there’s tape

by Soren Harder 6 days ago

Who else was like “he’s just lying like kiwiz and randumb, they probably made a mini team” but then he showed the tweet 🤣

by Shikari 6 days ago

“It’s time for us to take a step forward” Razz’s vid title: why I was kicked from lg

by Kid In Pink 6 days ago

Me: sees video
Also me: its gotta be fake right?
STILL ME: refreshes page and sees Randumbs vid
Litteraly still me: WHAT

by Soggy Cookie 6 days ago

Y is Sara jay in nicks “Trends for you” isn’t she a pstar

by sxh Will 6 days ago

Anyone gonna talk about how razz is leaving too.

by Andrew Vesely 6 days ago

“The channel gained 100K subscribers in one day”.
The new channel’s subscribers in 12 hours: 200K

by Steamisterist Steam 6 days ago

Nicks "coming soon is almost at 1 mil"

Realistically its at 200 k

by Ella 123 6 days ago

“Trends for you” Sara Jay

by DUB 6 days ago

Nicks prolly be signing dayes, Jack, qt claps

by qt Aidan 6 days ago

so nobody gonna talk about how perfect his eyebrows are? ok😭

by Erin Bailey 6 days ago

You guys when it comes to clans is like my mom trying to figure out where to go to eat

by Stealth 6 days ago

I have been watching you since red reserve I think in the new house y’all should play hide and seek after the house tour if y’all want to see a hide and seek with the new org then hit that like button👍

by Anthony Krebs 6 days ago

i subbed to the “coming soon” channel! (wow, it already has 229k subs).

by rachel 6 days ago

Oh so everyone is still together i taught yall were going seperate ways i was about to cry no cap😅

by Qt Kr1s 6 days ago

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