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[M/V] NU'EST - I'm in Trouble

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[M/V] NU'EST - I'm in Trouble
After whispering sweet love with their previous 7th Mini Album [The Table], released in October of 2019, NU’EST returns in 7 months presenting another form of love with their 8th Mini Album [The Nocturne].
Demonstrating their ability to change without limit, the 8th Mini Album [The Nocturne], once again portrays the group in a new light, offering a new perspective on love.
The album focuses on “nightfall,” a moment that everyone encounters daily, when more honest emotions arise. The album unravels various aspects of the night, by realistically expressing emotions that many can relate to. Instead of portraying “nocturne” through the usual sentimental and gloomy mood, NU’EST uses various colors to express their emotions, illustrating “nocturne” as a song of the night.
The title track, “I’m in Trouble,” depicts the moment one falls in love with another with an intense attraction. NU’EST demonstrates a more upgraded transformation by adding bolder expressions to their sophisticated yet restrained performance style. The lyrics contain sentiments that grow deeper as the night falls, presenting a bolder thrill and fatal charm..
As the story of a deeper and vibrant night unfolds, listeners will be able to encounter captivating tones that awaken the senses, and also a more mature NU’EST that hasn’t been revealed before.
지난 2019년 10월, 미니 7집 [The Table]을 통해 달콤하게 사랑을 속삭였던 이들이 약 7개월 만에 미니 8집 [The Nocturne]으로 돌아와 또 다른 사랑의 짙어진 무드를 선사한다.
여덟 번째 미니 앨범 [The Nocturne]은 매 앨범마다 한계 없는 변화를 보여준 뉴이스트의 색다른 모습을 담아내며, 그간 뉴이스트가 보여준 사랑 이야기에서 새로운 시선을 제시한다..
이번 앨범은 모든 사람들이 매일 마주치게 되는, 감정이 조금 더 솔직해지는 순간인 ‘밤’이라는 시간에 집중하여 밤의 여러 가지 모습을 누구나 공감할 수 있는 현실적인 표현과 이야기로 풀어냈다. 일반적인 ‘녹턴’이 가진 서정적이고 슬픈 야상곡이 아닌 다양한 색채로 표현하는 밤의 노래라는 의미를 더해 뉴이스트만의 감성과 언어로 야상곡을 완성시켰다..
타이틀곡 ‘I’m in Trouble’은 강렬한 이끌림으로 서로에게 빠지는 순간을 표현한 곡으로, 뉴이스트만의 세련되면서도 절제된 퍼포먼스에 과감해진 표현력을 더해 한층 더 업그레이드된 모습으로 변화를 시도하였다. 깊어질 밤 속에 더욱 깊어질 감성을 직설적인 가사로 담아냈으며 기존에 뉴이스트가 선보인 모습과는 또 다른 과감함과 짜릿한 전율을 선사, 치명적인 매력을 느낄 수 있다.
이번 앨범을 통해 ‘밤’이라는 시간 속 더욱 짙고 선명해진 표현력만큼 감각을 일깨우는 매혹적인 음색과 함께 훨씬 더 성숙해진 뉴이스트를 만날 수 있을 것이다.
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This era we get to see JR's forehead, look how lucky we are

by myskinn 3 days ago

vocal: NU'EST
dance: NU'EST
rap: NU'EST
visual: NU'EST
produce: NU'EST

by Dang Nhi 20 hours ago

No soy fan de NU'EST pero siempre sigo sus canciones honestamente uvu son geniales :heart::tophat:

by Zafiro Chan 13 hours ago

Listening to them makes me realize that I still have a crush to their voices and musics even though they make a long hiatus and I admit that I'd sleep on them when they comebacked (my main fandom is BlackJack so when my Queens disbanded, I lost interest in KPOP)

PS: I've known them since their "Hello" music (I'm grade 7 at that time and now i'm freshman college, oh good old days) and i'm not a fan but I love their voices and musics.

by Kaye 17 hours ago

1. Sold only 3000 copies one comeback cycle after debuting strongly and fading quickly
2. Were about to disband
3. Dealt with embarrassing situation of having to return as a "trainee" on a survival show
4. Initially received a lot of hate from public when going on Produce 101
5. Portrayed as pathetic, mean and untalented on the show
6. Probably robbed of an extra spot on Produce 101 final lineup (JR)
7. Longest time it took any group to get their first music show win as a complete group (7 years)

Debuted 2012 yet here they are in 2020 still rising and fighting in their 8th year. That's who I stan. So proud.

by Swiper No Swiping 3 days ago

this song is still enjoyable no matter how many times i play it

by Jane 20 hours ago

tbh, nu'est is that one group that never released any bad songs

by flying butter 13 hours ago

No paremos ALV la meta de pladis, vamos por 15m !!!!!!!!

by ang hm 15 hours ago

Yesterday, Ren cried on vlive because of his grandpa (as if that wasn't enough there are some hater messages) he called his grandma and they were very emotional. At that time the other members were watching him, when they saw him crying they all called him on the phone to support him and show their bond. They're not just "members" they are their families. I will never forget that time.

by lyra 15 hours ago

how many international fans are here to supporting NU'EST ?

1 Like - 1 international fans .

by zue zuezue 6 days ago

Let's do that let's success it. Ten million is nothing our nu'est deserve more and more .... Ten millions wait for us !!!!

by Sema Güzel 16 hours ago

the clip is just gorgeous, their images are just class

by Katya Z 11 hours ago

Nu'est songs which wrote history for them:
-Face-15.03.2012 (one of the most iconic kpop debut songs with a powerful anti-bullying message + alongside Crown, No more dream & Energetic is the only kpop bg debut song to reach 100M views)
-Where You At-10.10.2017 (gave them their first ever win in a music show 5 years after their debut)
-Dejavu-25.06.2018 (managed to get a music show win against d4 at music bank)
-Bet Bet-29.04.2019 (one of the 7 songs on MCountdowns history to get a full score of 11 000 ;they won for the first time triple crowns on music shows)
-Love Me-21.10.2019 (Their first song to win in all 5 major music broadcast shows)

by Just be Yourself 11 hours ago

LOVEs, reproduscamos "BET BET" así llega a los 20 millones >u<

by Hun Felix 15 hours ago

NU'EST new MV reached 1 million views within 6 hours
and their first-day sales are exceed 62,xxx copies.
But I just learned from K-pop chart that their masterpiece, Canvas album, used to sale only "104" albums on the first day (T_T)
At that time they thought it was their last album.

Guys, please do not sleep on this precious group.
Please don't let them down once again.

by NymphNymph 5 days ago

I hope NU'EST will be known and loved by more overseas K-pop fans. Of course, to Koreans!

by love love 19 hours ago

this song deserves better so don't give up and continue streaming

by Zeynep Avsar 19 hours ago

Let’s not stop after 10M LOVEs and don’t forget about mcountdown performance and vote on Idol Champ we are 4th

by ᄂ.ᄋ.ᄉ.ᄐ 19 hours ago

Pledis is scared of nu’est power, if only they promote nu’est well they could hit big

by Poulette Arroyo 9 hours ago

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