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TRAC2014: The Aesthetics of 21st Century - Panel Discussion

The Aesthetics of 21st Century - Panel Discussion
Panelists: Jan-Ove Tuv (Classical painter), William Havlicek (Painter and writer), Alan Lawson (Realist painter), Julio Reyes (Realist painter) and Stephen Hicks (Philosopher).
Moderator: Peter Trippi (Editor-in-chief - Fine Art Connosieur)
TRAC 2014 was held at Crown Plaza hotel in Ventura, CA.
The main topics of discussion: Odd Nerdrum's Kitsch and Roger Scruton's Beauty.
Producers of The Representational Art Conference 2014 was Michael Pearce & Michael Lynn Adams.
Recorded by Nerdrum Pictures.

Odd Nerdrum photo 1 TRAC2014: The Aesthetics of 21st... Odd Nerdrum photo 2 TRAC2014: The Aesthetics of 21st... Odd Nerdrum photo 3 TRAC2014: The Aesthetics of 21st... Odd Nerdrum photo 4 TRAC2014: The Aesthetics of 21st...

Thank you so much for posting this.

by Icreatemore 6 years ago

So glad to watch this as it reflects so many issue I have with modern art. A friend of mine recently returned to Australia from the USA and said she visited some Art Galleries. She saw some Modern Art and felt at a loss as to how she felt about it saying there were things like installations and other "stuff" she had no idea about what it was saying. She didn,t have the patience to try and figure it out so ignored it. She referred to it as CRAP ART. I thought about this and it occurred to me how many people refer to Modern,Contemporary  Art as CRAP ART. Maybe I solved your problem just call their stuff CRAP ART and the GOOD Stuff FINE ART so that the general public know what to expect when they go to a Gallery. There, problem solved .

by ancient artist 5 years ago

Why do these artists care so much about art history and critics/philosophers? It's as if they are always asking permission to be themselves from people and ideas long dead. Get rid of these corpses, this burden of knowledge does you absolutely no good. The art establishment turned its back on you, why do you keep knocking on their door and begging for acceptance?

by I like Humans 1 year ago

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