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#OFB BandoKay - Patient (Prod By M1onthebeat x Ka7ton8 x KNbeatz )

Stream, https://bandokay.lnk.to/PatientSo
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Official OFB photo 1 #OFB BandoKay - Patient (Prod... Official OFB photo 2 #OFB BandoKay - Patient (Prod... Official OFB photo 3 #OFB BandoKay - Patient (Prod... Official OFB photo 4 #OFB BandoKay - Patient (Prod...

Yo one like for bandokays father🕊♥️

by Babatunde 4 weeks ago

I'm sorry but am I the only one that hates the new comment section

by alex barros 3 weeks ago

Uk drill is 1000% better than US 🇬🇧

by Luke Blackman 3 weeks ago

He changed his flow and it’s 🥶

by tiptop tiptop 3 weeks ago

Dude this is Trending in Australia! Above Chris brown and Young thug.

by MrJamesdryable 4 weeks ago

They always listen to bandokay but they never ask if bando is okay

by Coronavirus 4 weeks ago

We can hate on OFB for being too "mainstream" but the fact is they are doing up numbers in the US and Canada and it's only gonna help UK drill as a whole.

by HONDA RULES 3 weeks ago

bandos auntie must be angry cuz she hasn't asked him if he is alright

by bando baby 3 weeks ago

This slaps because its real london style, not tryin to sound like anyone else at all.

by Lance B. 3 weeks ago

Who else don’t like the YouTube app changed comment section?!

by WaveyAyoA1 3 weeks ago

Set 8's still waiting on M1onthebeat's verse

by SV_Gaming 4 weeks ago

Bandookay cold r.i.p to his dad ❤🤘🏽

by S1Z #1 3 weeks ago

Don’t get me wrong yeah, ofb is cold and that but it got ruined by some yr7 yutes

by Xan Xan 3 weeks ago

Tbh if us Americans took like 30 minutes to understand the slang we wouldn’t be saying us drill better 😭

by Angel Vents 3 weeks ago

Bando lemme get this straight, who tf u got on your blade

by 4hundjay 1 day ago

BIG tune... This is my tune recently when I'm doing a mission on gta5 online....

by Chontale Hunter 3 days ago

He's getting too sick wid it for real.. The levels have gone up on a mad ting

by Name Name 3 weeks ago

Set 8s pissed SJ ain’t in the vid

by BlackJesus X 6 days ago

This song might be called patient but I'm still impatient for more OFB tunes

by Eyuel Yizengaw 4 weeks ago

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