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Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle [Official Video]

#icy grl #Saweetie #female rap #Saweetie Free Style #Music
Buy/Stream 'Pretty Bitch Freestyle' here: Saweetie.lnk.to/PBFreestyle
Tap In OUT NOW: http://saweetie.lnk.to/TapIn
CREDITS, Director: Bana Bongolan / Soben Phy
Producer: Bana Bongolan
Production Company: Poster Child
Tap in with Saweetie: Text +1 (510) 250-3890.
Subscribe: https://Saweetie.lnk.to/SubscribeYT
Follow Saweetie, Official Website: http://www.saweetie.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saweetie.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSaweetie.

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Official Saweetie photo 1 Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle... Official Saweetie photo 2 Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle... Official Saweetie photo 3 Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle... Official Saweetie photo 4 Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle...

Her freestyles be better than her actual songs

by Chozennn 1 day ago

LISTEN. I never stopped being a fan or supporting her but THISSSSS is the energy I fell in love with from her. This authentic vibe

by Vicky M.P 1 day ago

The only problem with this sing is the time. This song fire.

by Jay Fab 2 days ago

For us that got called “stuck up” in school

by BreeziDeezi 1 day ago

Y’all betta leave sis alone , y’all be picking her apart because she cute . BAY AREA STAND UP !

by Stacey Stacks 1 day ago

THIS IS THE SAWEETIE I NEED!! raw.. classy.. authentic. That tap in shit was some city girl shit Lol. You different. That’s what we love 🧚🏾

by Zhaquice Hendrix 2 days ago

Her she go!!!! Her and Kash are my favorites. Unproblematic, in their own lane and they bad bad

by Logan Paris 2 days ago

They say she can’t rap but good sis views going up! It’s only so far the hate can reach, sis ain’t going nowhere

by Bold&Black MuvA 2 days ago

everyone going crazy bout her nails must be youngins these are normal red 90s nailz💯🖤♥️

by trixie mahmod 2 days ago

See when I first saw saweetie, I saw “Icy Grl” and that i felt like came from saweetie. Them other songs ehh, idk. But this! This is Icy Grl Saweetie I know. 😌❤️

by o_xMiami 2 days ago

Brooo whatttt didn’t know I needed this song Saweetie but yesss baby I’m tapped innn💕

by Jay Alexus 2 days ago

now the haters saying she was turning ratchet are silent😩 she been icy SPEAK UP

by Meah Meadows 2 days ago

A black woman bragging about her success. I'm here for it !

by Alexandra Tavares 2 days ago

She’s out here with the receipts on everything she said! 🗣

by Deja Ramos 1 day ago

Y’all hated on her last song... doubt her n she said BETTTTT. SNAPPED BOO

by Brittany D 1 day ago

If you don’t like Saweetie you’re the problem 😭

by Robyn Nalani 1 day ago

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