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Introducing the One Percent Fortnite House - (ft. Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, Randumb)

One Percent photo 1 Introducing the One Percent Fortnite... One Percent photo 2 Introducing the One Percent Fortnite... One Percent photo 3 Introducing the One Percent Fortnite... One Percent photo 4 Introducing the One Percent Fortnite...

100k likes for our first recruit!!!!

by One Percent 17 hours ago

“I’ve made some improvements to my gaming chair”

“It’s now convertible”

by Nathan Solano 1 hour ago

My inner Mexican instantly looked at formulas fridge and knew that his parents raised him well.

by Joseph Tapia 1 hour ago

u should sign fresh. he was in lg and he’s gud

by J Sweet 1 hour ago

Only people that supported them since red can like😝

by Jake Garner 25 minutes ago

Who else noticed that at you can see kiwiz just run out of the shot looking like he realised he left the pizza in the oven to long😂😂😂

by callgetem1 1 hour ago

I love how everyone is serious until we go to the elevator.

by Ed Huang 49 minutes ago

The “one percent” who reads my comment.I hope that you have a great day!!!

by Peter 1 hour ago

My parents: gaming won’t get you anywhere in life

Me 20 years later:

by kkingthedonxdlol 1 hour ago

When is random going to cut his hair

by Jasamine Cyr 28 minutes ago

when their bathroom is bigger than ma whole house

by Chicken And Rex 1 hour ago

welcome to another episode of... “where has quarantine taken me today”

by slumpy wumpy 1 hour ago

“Frank Sinatra played on this, along with many other famous musicians”
4 mins later
kiwiz whaling on that same piano

by Dylan Brown 54 minutes ago

Whoever like this comment will be richer than Bill Gates tommorow.Guaranteed!!

by Grape Great 1 hour ago

when their closet is bigger than my bathroom

by Sharan Dillon 30 minutes ago

, when the item shop comes out. LMAO!!

by shaan jolly 1 hour ago

thats actually crazy, congratz!!!

by Socksfor1 1 hour ago

I’m going to like my comment because I know everyone else won’t

by zzayn_y 1 hour ago

faze: we got the best house one percent;are you kidding me

by Wizard Woofs 1 hour ago

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