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BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC Official Trailer #1 (2020)

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Whoa. The wait is finally over, dudes! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter star in the first official trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music! Watch now! And remember: be excellent to each other. ๐ŸŽธโšก #BillAndTed3 #FaceTheMusic #BillAndTedDay

Orion Pictures photo 1 BILL & TED FACE THE... Orion Pictures photo 2 BILL & TED FACE THE... Orion Pictures photo 3 BILL & TED FACE THE... Orion Pictures photo 4 BILL & TED FACE THE...

If ever there was a year we needed Bill and Ted to unite us, this would be the year.

by Nathan Carter 3 weeks ago

So everything happening in 2020 is because Bill & Ted couldnโ€™t write a song to unite the world. I hope they fix it this time.

by Uncle Creepy 2 weeks ago

โ€œBe excellent to each other!โ€
โ€œ...and party on dudes!โ€

A timeless message the world needs now more than ever

by Lee Caithness 1 week ago

Whether this movie is good or bad I'm just glad they made it a true sequel rather than a lazy reboot. That alone is worthy of some respect.

by jhhwild 3 weeks ago

Am I the only one thinking " How the hell did Bill and Ted find a phone booth in this day and age?"๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿง

by Mahlka Rose 2 weeks ago

Weโ€™re basically just banking all of our hopes that this movie actually does just unite the world

by The3baconboys 3 weeks ago

I wish George Carlin was still alive for this...


by Cory Livingston 3 weeks ago

Imagine had I told you in 1989 that Keanu would end up being the action star to show all other action stars how its done!?
Surely the response would be, "No Waay"
And Id say..."Waay".


by Rusty Hussler 3 weeks ago

It's weird seeing Keanu Reeves in this role again after John Wick

by Wyatt Williams 3 weeks ago

When I see that the original actors come back, I know that the original writers have something magical. And when I see the director behind Galaxy Quest at the helm, it gives me very high hopes that this movie will be unforgettable.

by Lyon Cartwright 2 weeks ago

Seeing the old Orion logo at the start was most excellent!

by Duggy 3 weeks ago

Man, if only George Carlin was still alive to reprise the role of Rufus, it would be so Epic!

by Lyyca 3 weeks ago

I will watch this and enjoy it, even if itโ€™s terrible.

by DJ Emergency 2 weeks ago

"So what your telling me Bill is that Napoleon was a short dead dude and Ceaser was a salad dressing dude...". It gets no better...

by Darren Shank 3 weeks ago

I donโ€™t know about this one, dudes...

by FuturisticHub 3 weeks ago

Regardless of whether this movie turns out to be a bust I wouldnโ€™t give a single f*** considering that such an iconic duo has returned to us in a dark time.

by OverratedPhenomenon 3 weeks ago

"strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

by Who SoSerial 1 week ago

How else missed Pre-Matrix, "Surfer Dude" Keanu?

by Anon Omus 2 weeks ago

๐ŸŽฌThere should be a sequel to Leon:The Professional.

Mathilda: The Professional.

by Semper Fortis 1 week ago

I'm an older dude, playing a younger dude, trying to steal from a future dude, who's an older dude of me

by Mike Casaburi 3 weeks ago

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