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Thanks for watching the live stream, I hope you enjoy :)

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Yooooooo I was in this stream lmfao I enjoyed it..

by COB_kay 2 weeks ago

This stream was hilarious, probably my second favorite since one of the season 5 streams. I think u need to find a new game. All these sweats have taken over that u canโ€™t even play a regular solo. Try warzone or perhaps go back to bo3 zombies. I bet ur stream would blow up if u played bo3 zombies for one night. Just keep up the good work. Ur viewers are w u.

by Turner Easley 2 weeks ago

watched this stream it was awesome bro! Keep up the work my guy

by I post cool videos 2 weeks ago

Iโ€™m happy to see your channel grow once again. Keep at it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

by Zachary Van Dyke 2 weeks ago

Yup huge update in this live stream there where nothing new I knew that overtime challenge was not comeing out overtime comes on 12.70 but did love the steam

by coonbook 1 playz 2 weeks ago

Bro Iโ€™ve been waiting for the overtime challenges and I sure thought it was going to be today but nope they delay it so much smh

by Jimmy Perez 2 weeks ago

Dude needs to stop complaining, not everyone who can build well is a sweat

by Joseph Bonenfant 2 weeks ago

I use ur code my epic is n_drillla thank you so much love your streams bro

by Nathan Isaneza 2 weeks ago

I was sleeping when you were steaming

by LJ Young 2 weeks ago

Remebe when this guy faked that volcano event to get people to watch it and subscribe?

by Luna Wars 2 weeks ago

I used your code!!!!!! Epic name: Senpai Psycho.
love your streams!

by SNP Alex 2 weeks ago

Thereโ€™s gonna be a free glider and a free rap coming out soon

by Marie Quinones 2 weeks ago

Thank you for adding me as a epic BeastWolf1436 really i appreciate

by Beastwolf 1436 2 weeks ago

Can you gift me recon expert pls I already used all my money I luv your vids so Mutch

by Jacob Sandlin 2 weeks ago

Yoo i was in the stream remember you used to have me added from the caffeine streams

by Hayden Browning 2 weeks ago

I MISSED IT! I always donโ€™t miss a stream!!!!

by Vlogs And games 2 weeks ago

can you add me on my epic is Phantom1050 I use your code

by Phantom 1050 2 weeks ago

The renegade raider got a new style and diddnt come back out

by Tom Jewell 2 weeks ago

I was in the stream and IT WAS AMAZING

by Dreamist 2 weeks ago

Wait switch players get a free skin?..... Iโ€™m listening

by 64wehttaM 2 weeks ago

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