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The Paris Hilton you never knew | This Is Paris (Official Trailer)

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This September 14th, meet the real Paris Hilton for the very first time. Watch it free with ads or get YouTube Premium to watch ad-free with exclusive bonus footage. Learn more at: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6358146 Check out YouTube Premium at: https://www.youtube.com/premium/originals See if Premium is available in your country at: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365
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This screams "help me, I'm not real, and I don't know what is anymore." Never thought I'd want to give Paris Hilton a hug, but damn.

by Zips the Space Bandit 2 weeks ago

So this isn't a documentary about the history of France? Dang it

by • CIA • 4 days ago

We're all just people. I wish people could just be better to each other. I feel for her. It's a full time job acting like everything is OK and thinking you have to mediate the world problems

by Holly House 2 days ago

*The ORIGINAL Influencer. Without Paris these “social media influencers” wouldn’t be here.

by Key Epic Pranks 2 days ago

Why did I think Paris Hilton was the rich girl from suite life on deck

by Gloria Mlongecha 4 days ago

The ORIGINAL Influencer. Without Paris these “social media influencers” wouldn’t be here.

by John Grec Archibald 3 weeks ago

It was ALWAYS clear to me that Paris was putting on a persona for the cameras...but the “why” is going to help us regular people figure out too why we put on a persona or facade in every day situations. Personally I put on a facade as a mother to other mothers because I realized when I was myself they would exclude me which I didn’t care but when they would exclude my children I cared...so I acted dumb and became super friendly to everyone so my kids would be accepted. No one digs deep for underlying issues to dumb happy people. Sometimes I regret doing that but as a mum you will do anything to see your kids happy. Lately I’ve been showing the true me more and more as my youngest is turning 9. As I show my true self I notice the other mums excluding both her and I from “play dates” etc. so I pull back again. Women especially get intimidated by intelligent, real, honest women that express themselves. Unfortunately Paris has hidden her true self to protect herself and so she doesn’t have to really deal with the pain from her trauma...she put on a facade so no one would see the pain and ask any questions. Some of us feel ashamed to be the real person we are and feel afraid to be honest and deal. We all need to get real and speak up about any issues or trauma. It will lead us to true friendships & our true destiny

by Luvov Muzik 3 days ago

I actually like her. Yeah she’s spoilt but at least she’s nice

by Jenny Talia 3 days ago

Paris is so powerful that she carried the whole kardasian-jenner family in one body

by Unseasoned chicken 2 days ago

"This is genuine" the fact that they say that makes me a bit skeptical

by angelistringfellow 2 days ago

I'd 1 million % prefer a Keeping up with Paris Hilton than KUWTK ...

by Atzyri Castillo 3 days ago

They say Mo Money Mo problems , I say “that’s just something broke people say”

by JayWhy82 1 day ago

The likes and dislikes are disabled? But why?

by Artin Albert 2 days ago

Wow, growing up in the Vegas club scene, I always looked at her as the ultimate rich/beautiful person... but wondered if she was happy. Money doesn't always buy happiness! I've always been interested to see what's behind the facade

by Wonderhussy Adventures 2 days ago

Can Brittney Spears be next? If ever there was a celebrity who's story needs to be told its her

by lindsay rowe 2 weeks ago

It would be refreshing to see the real Paris. I've always felt the "That's hot" girl was a front for a broken little girl!

by shanna spencer 1 day ago

no way this has 43M views 😂 she’s trying to cone back since kim is done with her show. but okay paris let’s do this

by Alexander Carter 12 hours ago

Fantastic. I Said before that she seemed mentally disturbed for a grown woman but this proves otherwise. Paris is a human being. Great

by High Hoe 3 days ago

Spot the shills, Give you a clue all their comments are at the top

by Kiwi TV 1 day ago

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