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The Last Sunday Sermon of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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This is the last Sunday sermon of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. He delivered his final Sunday sermon on March 31, 1968, from the Canterbury Pulpit at The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington, commonly known as Washington National Cathedral, 3101 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.A. In his sermon, he refers to the following passages from The Word of God: Psalm 133; The Gospel of Saint Matthew 25:31-46; The Gospel of Saint Luke 16:19-31; and the Book of Revelation 21:5. Near the beginning of the sermon, Dr. King thanks the Very Reverend Francis B. Sayre Jr., Dean of the Washington National Cathedral, for the invitation to speak. Dean Sayre was a vocal opponent of segregation, poverty, McCarthyism, and the Vietnam War. In March 1965, he joined Dr. King on the voting-rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama..
Martin Luther King, Jr. was ordained to the ministry in February 1948 at the age of 19 at Ebeneezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., where he became Assistant Pastor. In 1948, he graduated from Morehouse College with a B.A. in Sociology. Rev. King earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Crozer Theological Seminary in 1951. He earned a doctorate in Systematic Theology from Boston University in June 1955.
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He knew these were the last days of his life. He didn't know the exact date, but you can be sure they let him know that time was up. You can see a certain look in his eyes that literally goes Through the back of the room and into eternity. He is with us while he is speaking, but you can see the struggle. He is also in that space where one reckons with death. Even knowing that your fate is to be with God, this is a chilling thought for any person. But oh, look at the "mountaintop" speech. It is the same stare into eternity, but with a resignation that cannot fit in words. If this one was nearly a blank but very human stare as he tried to reach us while seeing well past, then the mountaintop was a look that said, I am ready; come with me. The courage is visible here.

by DieNachtwanderer 2 weeks ago

Who's watching this in 2020? ๐ŸŒ Let us gather here ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘. The disease of racism and the disease of corona virus.

by DESTINY'S CHILD. 1 month ago

His Last Name is so fitting,To whom He actually was,Amen.

by Jennifer Davis 4 months ago

He is teary eyed. His last few months he knew a plot to kill him was going to happen any day now. But he was still Martin. Did not change his attitude toward people. He kept on the battlefield for justice and right til the end.

by Malaki Azaan Akecheta 4 months ago

I get sad when I think about how today things seem to have got worse for black people. I say worse because we have now become afraid of one another. I can remember in the 70's when we were a community. We weren't rich but it seem like we had it better than now. We owned more land than now and we strived for education more. It's like we had bandages and medicine on our wounds but now it seems like our medicine has run out and our bandages are no where to be found. Our communities have broken down because we have become in love with the poison the white man has spreaded. Black men and black women don't get along. Our music has negative lyrics, The evil side of the internet is embraced more than the positive side. If our forefathers had technology that we have they would have been on top of the world. It's not too late for us but somehow it has to change. No politician or preacher will do it but it's gonna take regular good hearted people like us in numbers to do it. I hope one day I can write something on this platform that can spread across all 50 states and start a black financial change movement. That's my biggest dream to MAKE BLACK AMERICA LOVE IT'S OWN AGAIN!

by michael UNITY 4 months ago

Happy 91st Birthday to the Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A true King of the Civil Rights Movement.

by Jonathan Lyons 4 months ago

What a powerful message. Where are these preachers ? He doesnโ€™t scream nor run around the church. What a man. A voice cry loud.

by Amos Amos1 3 months ago

This speech alone proves that dr. King was well ahead of his time.

by GODz Shadow 4 months ago

Martin Luther King was way way beyond his years. Just realized that he was only 39 when he passed... but the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that he had was phenomenal.

by Cece Khondowe 4 months ago

A message for today even if it was preached so many yrs ago.
May his soul continue to rest in peace.

by Cassonade 3 months ago

I feel sad that this speech is relevant to this day. Not because of its impact, but because 50 years later we seem to be moving backwards in time to days where we oppress one another just so we can feel good about ourselves. Dr. King saw us at the mountain top but for whatever reason we are either adding mounds to that mountain (thus increasing its elevation) or climbing down forgetting the sacrifices of those who wished a better life for all of us.

by Ratmaster4000 4 months ago

Like he said the hidden agenda of hate is still here. America wake up. And Repent.

by Willie Jernagin 3 months ago

A classic sermon that is still relevant today.

by Malcom X 4 months ago

If U didn't see the background of this sermon then U were asleep. Looks like he was talking to everyone, not just members of a black church

by Vanessa Riley 4 months ago

Dr King did an excellent job of exposing the hypocrisy of the government of his time. Sadly the exploitation of the poor by the rich continues to this day.

by Samuel Tantala 4 months ago

The burden this man took upon himself. Wow.

by laura johnson 4 months ago

Martin Luther King Jr, left a mark on the sands of time. His memories will remain for ever.

by Ekemini Amos 1 month ago

Happy MLK day to everyone in the world. Peace and love.

by E Jay 4 months ago

America couldn't take the truth then and it can't take the truth now.

by Haroon Abdullah 4 months ago

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