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keith - the goodbye scene

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I had it all figured out. So I cut out a little early? Who cares?

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This is so much better then the fault in our stars it deserves so much more credit

by Kellabella321 5 years ago

his words make you think. if you don't get this scene here it is, when he means he cut out early he's saying that he stopped caring about life and treatment for his cancer and just let it go. he had a plan to die. but he met her and he said everything changed. when he says 'you're the worst thing that's happened to me' he means he loves her and wants to be with her but he knows he can't and his time is running out. this is such a beautiful movie and scene. in the beginning he was messing with her but they both knew there were some deeper feelings forming and so he pushed himself away and hid his feelings by acting like a jerk. when they come back from having sex he tells her to forget about the whole thing when we all know it's killing him to say that to her. he keeps a smirk on until she leaves but when she closes the door his face drops. you can tell he hates doing this to her and himself. he continues to do this the whole movie but gives up at the end when she opens up to him. his face is so full of emotion when he speaks in this scene im just in love. HIGHLY recommend you watch this movie.

by Taylor Paige 4 years ago

"and I
what ?
just wanted a little more time"

by lito dan 5 years ago


by bel 3 years ago

I cant stand this movie. It played with my emotions way too much. lol I love it. I'll probably just watch it every day for the next million years. It's so perfect, especially this scene. But WHY? I just want a happy ending for once. All I ever do is cry in movies...ย 

by Lindsey Osburn 5 years ago

I just watched the movie and I couldn't stop crying! I fell in love with his character! Did anyone else?

by Bethany Badillo 5 years ago

One of my favorite old movies. Absolutely loved the entire movie and was really shocked at how brilliant it was and the amazing acting

by Brennan Storm 6 years ago

Is it sad that I'm obsessed with this movie?

by girlforhope 5 years ago

This movie was amazing. I love this scene because like the rest of the movie, the subtleties between the two are deep. When Keith said "face it Anderson, I screwed you" - he meant emotional damage; but because she gave herself to him she was thinking different - her response "Me, I made love to you". Rattled him. Vice Versa "And you are so amazing. And I..I (I think she thought he would say I love you but; the meaning of life of just being with that special person) just wanted a little more time"..that is deeper than I love you. At least this is my interpretation. Love this scene...

by Rayin WPB 5 years ago

he loved her so much. he showed it in a way that nobody else can... in a way that only they could understand. and i think that is what this story is about...

by Olivia Namee 6 years ago

It's hard to believe that Natalie was almost 30 when this was made. Jennifer Grey the mom was 50.

by Eric Hondel 3 years ago

Best movie in the entire world. I ball every time.

by Raina Murphy 6 years ago

I watched this movie a couple hours ago and I'M STILL CRYING FFS it's so emotional I wish he had lived :'(

by Ramsha 4 years ago

He excepted his faith until he met her he loved her and hated her at the same time for making him want a little more time I hate the movie ended with her cleaning out his locker death couldn't let him even finish school semester wonderful movie

by Katie Childs 4 years ago

Fav quote? "So you screwed me. Me, I MADE LOVE to you" Gives me chills.

by GOOFYGOOBERZ Z 7 years ago

The "I made love to you" when he told her he screwed her big time got to me so bad.

by black pink 3 years ago

"And you are so....amazing....".....
That line just gets me everytime....Why am I doing this to myself????
AMAZING movie...so saaaddd....he should've lived....ร—_ร—โ€ฆโ€ฆ

by struggling_to_stay_sane '-' 4 years ago

"Good-bye partner" and "I just wanted a little more time" gets me all the time ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ v.v I love this movie Jesse is so perfect !!!

by Jasmine Lara 5 years ago

god this is such a beautiful movie, and i just love this scene and jeese in it it was sooooo emotional

by Brittisrad 6 years ago

This movie is so depressing. It made me cry like a baby :(

by wiltedsarah 5 years ago

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