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Are you Smarter than a Chimp? (TEST)

#SATIRE #Entertainment
Human benchmark test.
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Pewds: "I have a spit on the wall."
* proceeds to wipe it with even more spit *

by dainos 7_';0;'_1 54 minutes ago

This has sparked the random chimp event. Be aware.

by Anthony Damiano 1 hour ago

“I have spit on my wall” licks fingers to wipe spit off wall bruhhhhh

by Mitchell 1 hour ago

Pewdiepie: "I got spit on my wall"
Also Pewdiepie: cleans it with spit

by Will 50 minutes ago

Felix: sees spit on his wall
Felix’s way of cleaning it: licks his finger to clean it
Me: that’s very big brain

by Hailey 00 1 hour ago

PewDiePie: “I have spit on my wall what the hell?” Then cleans spit with more spit... yea that’s better

by Noah Price 49 minutes ago

“Confession. I am really bad”


by Fenrix15 29 minutes ago

So most people hear it around 18000
Me: let’s go 14000

by blake low 55 minutes ago

really good at typing
Me (someone who types everyday):
35 words per minute

by Weapon Master 1 hour ago

“I have spit on my wall” .... licks hand to clean it

by Kaloqn Ilkov 1 hour ago

What cheat codes does Pewdiepie have????

by Salami Slices 47 minutes ago

Me an intellectual: *takes picture of pattern before pressing it

by Rick Heikal 29 minutes ago

Felix: "I have spit on my wall"
Proceeds to wipe it off by licking his finger
Felix after: I used the spit to destroy the spit

by Papa Baah 11 minutes ago

Felix: Wears Headphones
Algorithm: Ya he is gaming

by Aarush 7 minutes ago

"im smarter than a monkey"
Unintelligentable *input gang noises*
And Imagine that Pewdiepie is beaten by a monkey somehow

by Diesk 1 hour ago

Poopypie: Tell me when you hear this
Me: ear starts bleeding
Poopypie: Doesn't hear anything

by Utsav N 41 minutes ago

That sound one made my cat freak out before I could even hear it lmao

by Yuai 55 minutes ago

Pewdiepie: "I have spit on my wall what the hell"
Also pewdiepie: licks his finger to clean it

by Swiftie Sophia 1 hour ago

"I have spit on my wall"
Licks his finger to remove it.

Talk about fighting fire with fire, there is a meme in this.

by watchanoob 1 hour ago

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