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Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven LIVE

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Stairway to heaven live! as seen on "The song remains the same". from the band's concert in Madison Square Garden new york city at 1973.
all rights reserved to Led Zeppelin
*edited the formating a bit. small screen but should work for mobile now*

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Hi to everyone in the world
"I think this is a song of hope "
Reading all your beautiful comments during lockdown, makes me happy and positive.
Peace and love to you all
England x

by James Odea 6 days ago

i listen to this song with my 69yo grandma everyday and she gets tears in her eyes everytime

by InvisRelaxo 3 days ago

My wonderful husband loved Led Zeppelin and always wanted to see them play live but unfortunately he passed away suddenly on 8th march so I had this played at his funeral service, it was the best I could do, R.I.P Andrew you are always in my heart

by tracey Aplin 3 days ago

Doc: you only have 5 minutes to live
Me: I want to listen to stairway to heaven
Doc: But it's 10 minutes long
God: It's ok

by Martin Belisle 5 months ago

"Does anybody remember LAUGHTER?"

Had to think about Bill Burr immediately. :D

by Johnnythefirst 2 days ago

Who watch this in quarantine hope everyone doing good

by zakaria blaiti 1 month ago

I’m a 61 year old grandmother and I still love their music 😀😀😀😀😀

by Jane Deegan 1 month ago

My mom died this morning and she is climbing that stairway to heaven today. She has always been a super fan of Led Zeppelin and so have I since being raised listening to the music of this eara ❤️ my heart is broken right now but the sounds are lifting me up 😭♥️

by Adrian M 5 months ago

I'm about to lose my mother to brain, liver, and lung cancer. This is the song I will play to say goodbye. Cheers!

by Shaun Treece 2 months ago

мои любимчики, не похожие ни на кого романтики, желаю им дальнейших успехов в творчестве....

by Наталья Марина 2 months ago

yes people are watching in 2020, you don’t gotta ask every year

by Alejandro Londoño 3 weeks ago

Note to Covid 19: Listen to this song, pack your bags, leave us alone so we can rock on!!

by Wilkin Shanley 2 months ago

when page gets that double neck out one knows one is in for a treat

by John Woods 2 days ago

Самый огненный трек. Учился играть с ним на гитаре. Спасибо друзья! С вами Бог.

by Евгений Коротун 2 months ago

Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll, the only words to describe the 70’s. For those of you who did not live the era you will never understand the magnitude for those of us who did. Long live true Rock n Roll

by Marty Raynor 3 months ago

This is long time before auto-tune and magic trick by the soundboards. We`ll never experience these vocal performances again. The 70`s is just a memory

by daevven 2 months ago

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