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Top 5 - Best Assassin's Creed Cinematic Trailers (2007-2017) NEW

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These are my top 5 picks of the best Assassin's Creed Cinematic Trailers. If you don't agree with my list, drop a comment and tell me what you would like to see in the #1 spot. These trailers were used from games that were released quite a while ago but I couldn't find one that said "Best AC Cinematic Trailers." Each one of these trailers was carefully considered with others' and my own experiences.
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Video by PJtheBestGamer

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Every Assassin: we work in the dark to save the light
Connor: nobody will notice if there’s no one to notice

by Horizontal_Chaz 1 month ago

I went here to see this real quick after watching AC:Valhalla Trailer.

by Nad Nad 1 month ago

Connor: literally one guy running through the entire battlefield with a horse
Horse: gets shot
Connor: fine, I'll do it myself

by Darth Dovakiin 3 weeks ago

So nobody is gunna talk about how revelations wasn’t in here?

by Gang Shit 4 weeks ago

Whoever played assassins creed 3

Leave a like for the game's sake.

by Hrila Hrila 2 weeks ago

Physics Laws:

Assassins: Nothing is true, Everything is permitted

by Mind Method 3 weeks ago

Who’s here after the trailer for Valhalla?

by YK Gaming 1 month ago

Connor: i only have 1 target
Also Connor: may have accidently killed the entire red coat army

by Stickman 1 month ago

Did anyone notice the historically correct timeline of all games

by ELI ADAMS 1 month ago

The first Assassins creed
10 years later.
Who is watching this. For 2020

by quentin manybeads 1 month ago

There was a better trailer for black flag. It was the one where Blackbeard is talking about Edward Kenway.Also the trailer for Syndicate was very good.

by Masato Tanaka 1 month ago

And that guys, teach us one thing: never piss off an assassin

by Gabriela Vigo 11 months ago

Damn seriously my epic moment of watching trailers ruined by condom ads

by gvsd3 1 month ago

Valhalla trailer drops and suddenly everything assassins creed is trending. Gods i hope they didnt F it up.

by David Beaulieu 3 weeks ago

The first ever Assasin’s Creed I knew of was Brotherhood, I’d always watch my dad play it and then I grew to play and also grew to love AC overall. Ezio still holds a dear place in my heart and I still play AC to this day

by Tianaa x 3 weeks ago

I love the fact the Edward wasn’t an assassin but then stole the clothes from one

by Ben Fuentes 3 weeks ago

12 year old me getting hyped asf when watching unity trailer and randomly attacking my brother when it was done

by encitic 2 months ago

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