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Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Anniversary 2020

#Hero Shooter #Sci-Fi #Overwatch Event | Anniversary 2020 #Shooter #Gaming
It’s time to celebrate!
We’re commemorating Overwatch’s fourth anniversary with a party of epic proportions. Join us to unlock new cosmetics, earn weekly rewards, and play your favorite seasonal brawls.
Want to get your hands on some epic loot? Log in to earn a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which contains at least one legendary item.
Overwatch Anniversary ends on June 9.
Learn more: http://Blizz.ly/OWAnniversary
Begin your watch: http://buyoverwatch.com
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Me, whose has 20,000 coins saved: it’s show time

by Swifty J02 1 month ago

Echo: "Get's a ballet-like dance emote"
Widow: Oh? you're approching me

EDIT: I'm not that into Jojo culture

by AACMBirdzilla23 1 month ago

I love Ashe's skin but I kiiiiind of wish Ashe was the Wolf and Bob was dressed as little red.

by Alexandra 1 month ago

Me: gets new zenyatta skin
Also me: trying to pronounce it for 10 min

by McCree 1 month ago

I only have 1000 coins saved up feelsbadman 😭😭

by LevelUpLifting 1 month ago

Finally I can get my “You need healing” voice line for Genji

by Nut Button 1 month ago

I miss being hyped up for ow lol

by Lite Brite 1 month ago


by Jay Krause 1 month ago

Congratulations to any Overwatch players who have survived this long... my hat is off to you!

by Elijah Reid 1 month ago

These Mortal Kombat Friendships were funny lol. I really liked Joker’s and Kitana’s. I can’t wait for the update to come out.

by ImOnTheWrongVideo 1 month ago

No new Rein skin: I sleep
Hammond got da stache: I woke

by Evil Within III 1 month ago

I remember a time when this would have made my week.

by Dillon Owens 1 month ago

me: see Ashe little red riding hood

"im see enough, im satisfied"

by Meove 1 month ago

How many times can they show us the same things every year

by Vibing-Vicinity 1 month ago

Me, Still downloading the update: IM COMING SWEET SWEET ACADEMY
Edit: Most likes I’ve ever got! Thanks!

by Midori Gurin 1 month ago

I miss when overwatch first came out

by Big Fella 1 month ago

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