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Trace & Bake | Overwatch

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The most unrealistic thing about this animation isn’t the talking figurines, but rather the sportsmanship of that overwatch player at the start.

by Atrm1353 11 months ago

"Hey, Reaper! You know what today is?"
"Annoy Reaper Day?"
"No, silly! That's on the 15th!"

by markzilla6895 1 year ago

A R E Y O U K I D D I N G M E ?

by ynmian 1 year ago

Reaper: Mmmm no bad 🍰
Tracer: I saw that 😆

by Ms Lonely 1 year ago

It must've been a tough journey to push that cake from the kitchen to the gaming room

by Dinda Priska 1 year ago

Play of the game :
Gordon ramsey

by daRth miLo 8 months ago

you never know wethe he's reloading or just getting rid of his guns XD

by theMyrmid0n 1 year ago

Reaper: “Not bad.”

Tracer: “I saw that!”

Reaper: •_•

by Striver 6 months ago

Reaper: Hmm Not Bad
Tracer: I Saw That

good job guys ;)

by Rajan The Gamer 1 year ago

Tracer: I saw that!

Reaper: No! I must protect my edgelord image! proceeds to hunt tracer

by xbot02 1 year ago

Tracer: "accidentally" bumps cake into reaper

Reaper: so you have chosen, death?

by sandwich 2 months ago

Am I the only one that likes Reaper and Tracer’s dynamic in this? She’s like a ray of sunshine to his otherwise darkness. Some unlikely, but good friends.

by EMPRESS 2 years ago

Reaper: you kidding me?
Hours later
Reaper: mmmmm No BaD
Hours later.......
Tracer: where cake?!
reaper has left game

by Bluest Gamer 9 months ago

Lol reaper is like me
"leave me alone!"
"are u kidding me..."
"mhmm...not bad"
*hides when someone sees me eating it*

by kiridashi le otaku 1 year ago

This is why Tracer is my favorite character in Overwatch. She’s such an upbeat girl.

Maybe Reaper should tell that to Widow Maker.

by Talbot McKee 1 year ago

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