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Ken & Karen: Mark McCloskey's muzzle sweep: "Get the hell out of my neighborhood! Private property!"

#True Crime #Plunder #Education
#KenAndKaren: #MarkMcCloskey's muzzle sweep: "Get the hell out of my neighborhood! Private property!"

PLUNDER photo 1 Ken & Karen: Mark McCloskey's... PLUNDER photo 2 Ken & Karen: Mark McCloskey's... PLUNDER photo 3 Ken & Karen: Mark McCloskey's... PLUNDER photo 4 Ken & Karen: Mark McCloskey's...

All I have to say is these โ€œprotestersโ€ are lucky. I know plenty of people who have been waiting for an opportunity to get a couple kill shots off.

by Workboot Radio 4 days ago

Ken and Karen are heroes, defending their property from the trespassing mob

by Lars Stage 3 days ago

Stop voting for democrats.

by Mr Magoo 4 days ago

Is it or is it not, Private Property?

by Joshua Earp 5 days ago

I dont blame them. They came onto their property.

by Brandi Beggs 4 days ago

Telling him to calm down on his own private property. Come on

by lauritz Tangen 4 days ago

They broke in through the gate into their yard. This is not a peaceful protest.

by Maxim Rudoi 4 days ago

Your rights to protest does NOT include on private property!!!!!
Your rights are strongest in what are known as โ€œtraditional public forums,โ€ such as streets, sidewalks, and parks. You also likely have the right to speak out on other public property, like plazas in front of government buildings, as long as you are not blocking access to the government building or interfering with other purposes the property was designed for.
Private property owners can set rules for speech on their property. The government may not restrict your speech if it is taking place on your own property or with the consent of the property owner.
Counterprotesters also have free speech rights. Police must treat protesters and counterprotesters equally. Police are permitted to keep antagonistic groups separated but should allow them to be within sight and sound of one another.
When you are lawfully present in any public space, you have the right to photograph anything in plain view, including federal buildings and the police. On private property, the owner may set rules related to photography or video.

by Gloria 4 days ago

Smh these โ€œprotestersโ€ need to stop trespassing!

by Vee 4 days ago

Plunder, wow. You're making fun of these people for protecting their property? So disappointing. I used to enjoy your content but no more. So much for the Christian values you tout in every video. Tell us what you're thinking.

by J. Davis 4 days ago

this incident is a perfect of example of what is going to happen and is happening in our country by defunding or abolishing police!
hope this video spreads fast and people wake up.

by Mark E 4 days ago

If you listen to the man being interviewed on St. Louis news, they broke into the property.

by Gail Louise Caprarella 4 days ago

Why do you show this? Isnt it enough its all over the TV? You are wrong sister. My opion.

by jerilyn marmo 4 days ago

It is private property.

by B B 4 days ago

They broke into the neighborhood broke the gate, don't agree with any of this.

by Gail Louise Caprarella 4 days ago

Don't break into gated communities and then maybe people won't point guns at you.

by Bob Stevens 4 days ago

"Who's Streets, Our Streets". Not when they have to break thru a Gate. To get there.

by Joshua Earp 3 days ago

these clipped videos generating all the time the biggest problems
and no one go after these folks
if you don have the unedited video then you would better not posting this crippled one

by cnccarving 4 days ago

To be fair, they shouldn't be provoking him.

by Amber Fair 5 days ago

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