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Polo G - 33 (Official Video) 🎥By. Ryan Lynch

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Mans telling a whole story every song and still makes it catchy and shi

by Grrrt Pow 2 weeks ago

The Last person who like this will become a billionare someday

by Get Trailers HD 2 weeks ago

Polo g not tryin get clout, he’s trying share his story

by Pop Forever 4 days ago

I love how Polo G isn’t trying to get clout but he is just sharing what he had to go through that is why Polo G is my favorite rapper

by Bossanxva Tha OG 1 week ago

This man never makes a bad song. One of the most lyrical rappers out there these days.

by Dillon Oliver 2 days ago

He wasn’t capping when he said, “they say my last tape was a classic, but I got some hotter shit”

by Thabang Mfolwe 2 weeks ago

i like the beginning when it says high off* ecstasy and the codeine what im sippin

by zack T 2 days ago

Stop complimenting him in all these comments, I'm tired of liking every single one

by James Benini 2 days ago

Is it just me or I get chills Bc how hard this beat goes😣

by Pulse 2 weeks ago

We gotta protect him at all costs. If he dies I'll literally stop listening to music💯

by dreyvhs 4 days ago

Protect this man at all cost we can't lose another legend on foe nem

by HEARTLESS 2 weeks ago

Record Label: How many hit songs
Polo G: yes

by vSkaiz GG 1 week ago

I'm glad that Polo G started getting popular, this the dude that helped me get thru my depression, every day I was insulted, every day I got strange looks just for being the quiet person at work, who wants to ignore people so he won't be teased for having social anxiety, anytime i tried to walk up to a girl and talk to her, I got immediately pushed away and called a freak, I hated life and didn't want to live life like this anymore, but after I found this dudes music, I started building up confidence and started to grow a thicker skin around me. Now I can finally wake up to know that my life is precious and I must treat it the best I can.

Same for you people, if you were like me, remember, life is a Rollercoaster full of negativity, sadness, unfairness and hardships, but thru it all, think about it, you have survived for this much being the scrawny depressed kid you are, and now think about how much better life would be if you just stood up for yourself, did something that can benefit for your well being. Just think about it.

by WikingPDW 6 days ago

(Yo, Ayo)

High off ecstasy and that codeine what I'm sippin' (What I'm sippin')
This new Glock got thirty-three, Scottie Pippen (Scottie Pippen)
Bitch, all of my niggas bangin' C's like we Crippin' (Like we Crippin')
Girl, you got what I need, what I been missing (What I'm missing)
Let's take that chance, want you to see that I'm different (Oh)
Back then, tryna find myself, I couldn't believe how I was trippin' (Oh)
No neighbors in the mountains, palm trees, that's how I'm living (That's how I'm living)
Every time that I pop out, bustdown VVs, designer drippin' (Designer drippin')

[Verse 1]
Bitch, I'm from Chiraq, when it get hot, they bring them TECs out
Better watch your back or you'll be on that corner stretched out
Quick to change a nigga standin' tall with his chest out
And they like headshots, it won't make sense to bring a vest out
Shit be devastatin', you find out your homie checked out
Parents lose control, don't know her daughter havin' sex now
Niggas hatin', I'm gettin' paper, that's what they pressed 'bout
Went down the wrong path, switched it up and chose the best route
I ain't used to have it all, I used to feel left out
'Member I was broke, ain't have a dollar, I was stressed out
Now I'm tryna get richer, like Blast, let's bring the jets out
Bitch, I need like ten bathrooms up in my next house

High off ecstasy and that codeine what I'm sippin'
This new Glock got thirty-three, Scottie Pippen
Bitch, all of my niggas bangin' C's like we Crippin'
Girl, you got what I need, what I been missing
Let's take that chance, want you to see that I'm different
Back then, tryna find myself, I couldn't believe how I was trippin'
No neighbors in the mountains, palm trees, that's how I'm living
Every time that I pop out, bustdown VVs, designer drippin'

[Verse 2]
Got a baby 40 with a new extended clip inside
For any problem, bitch, it's twenty-two up in this clip of mine
My peoples lookin' up to me, so no, I can't be victimized
I got so much pent-up anger, I just wish a nigga tried
You gon' die before you blink, yeah, that's gon' be a quick demise
The world be so fucked up, that shit'll have you sick and tired
You can't even post a picture without being criticized
Was broke, but now I'm living everything I used to visualize
Thinking 'bout them stories, still don't make sense how my niggas died
That shit still haunt me to this day, them L's hurt a nigga pride
How both of the twins leave? Why one of them didn't survive?
Still want that point for Gucci, look his killer in his eyes
My bad I never scored for y'all, but at least a nigga tried
Walking through the opp shit with my Wesson, I couldn't get a ride
I gotta run through a check for every tear a nigga cried
Gon' make my mark up in this shit, make sure my spot solidified

by LIL BLUE 2 weeks ago

Why is polo g the best rapper ever?
1. He tells his story through music and still sounds good
2. Teaches kids how bad the streets really is
3. And all his songs just good tho
Edit: Thx for the likes😁

by xXsupergoatXx gottablast 1 week ago

Producer: how many fire songs you want on the album?
Polo: yes

by ABC123 2 weeks ago

who else scrolling thru the comments nd see him liking comments

by elitetj 305 2 weeks ago

This guy don't know how to make a bad song

He just makes straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

by LM Rush 2 weeks ago

Brought tears to my eyes reminiscing bout the bros

by Keon Floyd 1 day ago

his lyrics hit a spot that no person has ever hit

by Jammie Dogger23 2 weeks ago

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