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Polo G - Be Something (Official Audio) ft. Lil Baby

PoloGVEVO photo 1 Polo G - Be Something... PoloGVEVO photo 2 Polo G - Be Something... PoloGVEVO photo 3 Polo G - Be Something... PoloGVEVO photo 4 Polo G - Be Something...

No diss tracks, no clout chasing, doesn't paint his nails, moved out the hood, minds his business. Polo cool with me

by Mike Stettler 2 weeks ago

If anyone is reading this. Please stay focused and stay positive. God bless!

by Lucky White 2 weeks ago

Its basically impossible to ever see a Polo G song that is trash

by 47 2 weeks ago

Someone who liked this will be a millionare in the future

by Lexi Candy 2 days ago

only people who are not from tiktok can like this

by domz lja 3 weeks ago

He's actually talented, not just talking about drugs and cars he's telling a story.

by foopyu nooui 2 weeks ago

Every Polo G song is a different story...

by Adam Abass 2 weeks ago

Lil Baby sounds like he was social distancing with the mic

by Luna Soap ASMR 2 weeks ago

Bruh all these "whoever likes this will become a millionaire one day" gtg they flooding the comment section with their like begging....

by Airkiller1218 1 week ago

There is absolutely no one that tells a story like polo g. Respect on 100 for this man. Overcame many obstacles that would make most people quit or never try in the first place. Huge respect. As someone who doesn’t necessarily like the “migos flaunt it type rap”, polo brought me back to hip hop with his stories and lyrical content. Been playing this and a few other on repeat. A true songwriters songwriter. Melodies and vocal phrasing on point too

by Scooter Merritt 2 days ago

Let’s be honest you’ve listened to this more than once

by Caleb Powell 2 weeks ago

This song makes me wanna give my barber a haircut.

by 72 Apples 2 weeks ago

This song is inspirational because I’m a black kid who’s dream is to go the NBA become a legend and help my family never have the word poverty on the same level as my family.

by Samie Boye 1 week ago

"That broke shit made me sick big appetite with a weak stomach " I can relate, godbless the people making it through tough times.

by Jeremy Warren 1 week ago

All them people who disliked this song not gonna be something...POLO G GOATED 4 LIFE

by ELI CRUZ 1 day ago

Us: Why LilBaby sounds like he is 2 feet away from the microphone

Lil Baby: Becouse Polo spit some fire and i dont wannaa burn

by alexandros dovas 1 week ago

Polo G str8, He dont want clout, He's tryna explain His Childhood, and learns from his mistakes. Keep shinin Homie, You Always Gon Shine Bro 100%

by Victor Lopez Vega 2 weeks ago

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