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Pooh Shiesty - Twerksum [Official Video]

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Pooh Shiesty - Twerksum [Official Video]
Listen/download: https://poohshiesty.lnk.to/Twerksum
Directed by Jordan Spencer
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#Twerksum #PoohShiesty #TheNew1017

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Pooh Shiesty photo 1 Pooh Shiesty - Twerksum [Official... Pooh Shiesty photo 2 Pooh Shiesty - Twerksum [Official... Pooh Shiesty photo 3 Pooh Shiesty - Twerksum [Official... Pooh Shiesty photo 4 Pooh Shiesty - Twerksum [Official...

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by Rozay Woney 5 days ago

“I was born rich I just ain’t got my payment yet.”

Now THAT is an AFFIRMATION. Claim it until you receive it.

by Tay x2 4 days ago

Real Pooh shiesty fans know he wrote this before he signed to 1017

by Fat MattNC86 5 days ago

Everybody who likes this will be super successful in the future 🤑🔥

by Josh James 5 days ago

Real fans already heard of the unreleased💯

by PopAaddie 5 days ago

“I was born rich I just ain’t got my payment yet”

by NGB Capone 5 days ago

“Nah i ain’t Roddy Richh My Stick ain’t in the Box” !!! 😂🔥

by Gabe _ 5 days ago

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by One Up 5 days ago

One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈Non-Duality

by STILL 2 days ago

Ain’t nomo 901 Memphis it’s a Shiesty Memphis 💯💨

by Isaiah Johnson 5 days ago

This would've did more numbers in a day if it wasn't already released before video

by martha hill 1 day ago

“Nah I ain’t Roddy Ricch my stick ain’t in a box”

by Carmelo burston 1 day ago

Damn Gucci Mane really is the
"Evil Genius" ❄️🌪️☃️🌬️🌀

by Frank Matthews 5 days ago

I can’t listen to Pooh Shiesty because every time I play his songs my speakers blows🔥🔥🔥

by Only1 K.E.L.L 2 days ago

Dam Is the only word gota give him credit that bih bumpin Memphis here fym

by Andre Hatch 3 days ago

this song HARD ASF! its almost neck& neck with no autoDURK!!

by Abdullah Basil 1 day ago

Shiesty the hardest upcoming rapper ion gaf and he the hardest in 1017💯

by Timothy Daniel 5 days ago

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