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Joe Rogan Experience #1070 - Jordan Peterson

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Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.
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Jordan Peterson called me on the phone last August.

That's my teaser line. But, seriously, I called his office at the University to tell him how much I appreciated what he was doing. I had found his lectures very helpful because I was dealing with a personal faith crisis, and I felt like he was leading me in the right direction as I searched for truth. I left a rather long message with no expectation he would ever hear it, much less respond. At the end I told him my name and that I was an attorney here in the States.

Fast forward about three weeks. I had completely forgotten I had left him a message. I will spare you the details, but things had become much worse for me. I was trying to understand how I (a 57-year-old trial attorney who owns his own law firm) could have spent 31 years in what is basically a cult created by a liar. I had just finished watching Jordan's second appearance on Joe's show when I was overcome with feelings of anguish. I know this sounds weird, but I think there are many out there who understand what its like to think you have the world figured out and then realize it was all a fraud. I felt like the only person in the universe who could truly understand my plight and give me counsel was Jordan Peterson (I'll admit it's a little weird) but just as I felt lost in despair, my phone rang and it was Jordan Peterson.

I was dumbfounded. It was p.m. in Toronto. He had decided to listen to his messages before he went home. After hearing my message he looked me up and decided to call. He spent the next 30 minutes listening and discussing my problems with me. I felt understood, loved, and received much needed advice.

Now think about that for a minute. Here's a guy with unbelievable demands on his time and all the health and personal issues he details during this most recent interview with Joe. Nevertheless, he takes the time to return a call from some unknown fanboy and sacrifice his time to help. The thing that impresses me the most, however, is the timing. He describes the feeling that he is currently being pulled in every direction by something he doesn't completely understand. This is all happening on a large and public scale. Yet, somehow late at night he is able to hear the calls of someone in desperate need of help and answer that call. I don't know what animates the universe or why we seem to be so oddly connected, but I know Jordan Peterson is a gift to humanity and I am grateful to have had a personal experience with him.

by Darren Meacham 2 years ago

This podcast has aged so well. I miss Jordan Peterson. I hope he's doing well.

by MightyJoeYoung 2 months ago

That's why people don't like him. Intelligence and ultimately a call for personal responsibility/accountability.

by Rick Darris 1 month ago

Almost five and a half thousand people refuse to make their beds.

by Dr. Krieger 4 weeks ago

Jordan: "I wish peace in the world"

Cathy: "So you're saying you enjoy clubbing baby seals with a war victim’s missing limb?"

by Mc Bull 1 month ago

what an intelligent, articulate, kind man. no wonder people hate him.

by MrS0ftie 5 months ago

Joe rogan is such a great host. He asks the right questions, never cuts off his guest

by Cole Wyman 3 weeks ago

As a fairly right-wing Christian, I have to say that his take on the word "meek" is absolutely right. It's often translated "gentle", sadly. But we don't really have an appropriate word for it in English. The best phrase would be "power under control". Christ was not "weak", he was meek. He had ultimate power arguably under control, but submitted himself to people far lesser than him, to achieve a greater goal.

It's sort of a play on the classic idiom, "walk soft and carry a big stick." Or as 2nd Amendment advocates might put it, "be the most dangerous man in the room, but don't let anyone know."

It doesn't take any virtue to be a tyrant, but nor does it take any virtue to be oppressed. The real virtue comes in having the potential to be a tyrant, and choosing not to. Because on some (rare) occasions, you need to be ready to tyrannize the tyrannical.

by Justin Z 1 month ago

Let me say something about Cathy Newman. She had some things to learn from Jordan, and he had some things to learn from her. She took an attitude and a position that only he had anything to learn, and she would teach it to him, or better yet, show that he was unable to learn from her. Her position was wrong and idiotic. Idiotic. She so transparently twisted everything he said, that she showed her ass, as an idiot. Jordan, the master chess player, simply waited for her to expose her king, and the checkmate was spectacular.

by William Smith 3 days ago

It's because of Dr Peterson that I now use the word "proclivity". I try and get it out there twice a day. Makes me appear to be 27% more intelligent.

by Paul White 2 months ago

At the beginning Jordan is perfectly explaining how Zipf’s law works, 20% of something gets used 80% of the time.
This is true for forests 20% of trees get 80% of the sunlight. 20% of your customers make up 80% of your profits, even language, 20%of all words are spoken 80% of the time.
It’s insane, it’s literally a law of nature.

by Buzz Lightyear 2 weeks ago

If you’re reading this in 2020, listen to this window between 40min - 60min. Too real.

by Micah Pediford 1 day ago

“If your the smartest person in the room, your in the wrong room”-Epictetus

by BYE12FAQ UNO 1 week ago

Desire to sort myself out intensifies.

by Laura O C 2 years ago

In 100 years time people will talk about Dr Jordan Peterson and his philosophy's and ideas, unlike the people who constantly disavow him. I hope he recovers from his serious medical issues soon.

by Scott Napier 3 weeks ago

The people that hate Jordan Peterson dont hate him because he's wrong, they hate him because he's right, and they can't stomach it.

by Josh Bnd 1 week ago

I really hope Jordan pulls through and hits the ground running. I miss listening to him and hate that their family is going through very hard times.

by shagg 1 month ago

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