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Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.

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They talk about Elon’s Kid, and being a father
They talk about artificial intelligence, Elon selling all his possessions, being a billionaire & finance talk
What’s Elon’s dream house, Getting people to Mars, the Neuralink device explained
How the Neuralink device is installed in the brain and how it cures brain injuries like epilepsy and restores memory loss
Humans are already cyborgs, and AI symbiosis explained, transfer thoughts from brain to brain without talking
Neuralink can save state, meaning you can save memories and information in your brain
Where does consciousness arise, when does consciousness become and they talk about self improvement, and talk about the future cognitive ability with Neuralink
They talk about the inevitability of super smart Artificial Intelligence, and they talk about how long until Neuralink is normal
Where and what will we be in 25 years
They talk about covic 19, and how it changed the world
Elon talks about his tweets to free America, and they talk about the brilliance of the Twitter Warzone
Where should people get their news and information, and they talk about how the quarantine should be a choice
They discuss the current state of the country because of the lockdown, and a good idea
Is there a danger to politicise the lift of the lockdown and blame Donald Trump, they also talk about hospitals rule deaths from covid 19 symptoms as death from covid 19
They talk about other diseases and things that kill more people than covid 19
They talk about healthy diets, intermittent fasting, how to improve quality of sleep
Does Elon have to exercise, black mirror and jiu jitsu
When is the Tesla Roadster and CyberTruck being released, and they talk about the future of Tesla

this comment was really hard to do

by Jatin Kumar 3 weeks ago

Joe: So you’re saying that people will have an entire brain interface, that will allow people be walking cyborgs with bionic extensions of perception, and it’ll get to the point where we won’t even have to open our mouths to talk to each other but rather send information by Bluetooth using a universal computer language that will allow us to communicate without loss of information like it did before because of compression and decompression of information in a dialogue, and which will also help us process terabits of information in a second, and even potentially enable our personality to be recorded on a hard drive or stored in a loud, making us virtually immortal?..!. Elon: well, yeah

by Родион Турундаев 2 days ago

Probably the most interesting words: “well, assuming civilization is still around...it’s looking fragile right now”

by Murrie Curl 2 days ago

When Elon Musk pauses and thinks, he actually communicates with AI.

by Choco Later 1 day ago

I love how Joe never fills the silences. He allows Elon to think, process the question and answer in his own time. Sign of a real pro.

by Luke Taylor Music 1 week ago

Elon and Joe, I am a quadriplegic. I had a C5 spinal cord injury on June 18th, 2018. I’m paralyzed and have no movement in my fingers, triceps, or anything from the chest down. I can feel pressure in some places, but have no sense of temperature when it comes to below my injury. I have no bowel or bladder function either. Apart from that, I’m currently 20 and a freshman at Indiana University. Is there anywhere I can try and petition or sign up to help you with the trial? I am healthy and young with a sharp mind and I’d be willing to assist in any possible way I can. I also have a few questions, you reference the device interfacing into the motor cortex of the brain, but the injury is in the spinal cord which is not part of the brain. The information transmitting from my motor cortex is still working because I can still move my head and shoulders but not my legs because my spinal cord’s neurons being damaged is what is blocking the information from my motor cortex. So I’m confused on how it would repair limb functionality in quadriplegia based on the brain alone. My twitter is josh_fugate13 please reach out if you can! Thank you!

by Josh Fugate 3 weeks ago

Elon has said before that he regrets that his kids will not know hardship because of being brought up by a billionaire celebrity as opposed to his own childhood which was difficult and harsh. He has said that he thinks the hardship made him the man he is today. Maybe naming his kid this name is a way for him to get the shit kicked out of him in school so he becomes a genius inventor when he grows up.

by John 2 days ago

"If you dont make stuff...theres no stuff"
Elon Musk ...😏

by Lee Kennedy 2 days ago

Joe "I've been social distancing for months for no reason" Rogan.

by BodhiBushido 4 days ago

Joe: How do you pronounce your baby's name?
Elon Musk: doesnt say name but goes through each part of it

by Mark Riches 1 week ago

Elon's wife : talk dirty to me
Elon : stays silent for 20 secs For sure

by Daniel khan 3 weeks ago

Joe: "Where will we be 25 years from now?"
Elon: "Well assuming there's still civilization around..."
Me: 😳

by Ismir Wenzel 6 days ago

Joe: So how are you liking being a father in an this craziness?..
Elon: Yeah, babies are awesome!... so I've been working on this new AI...

by mitch carter 3 days ago

I am twenty-six years old and lived a totally normal life up until three years ago when it all turned upside down. I have been diagnosed with an extreme, unknown form of Dysautonomia, meaning dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which leaves me to experience a wide array of strange, severe symptoms on a daily basis that prevent me from leaving the house and often land me in a fully bedridden state. My sensory is way too easily overloaded, I can't even get a little excited without going into convulsions and my heart slamming offbeat out of my chest. I'm unable to use any of my muscles much at all without spasms and feeling like I am going to die. Movement, like being in a car or even walking, will trigger my nervous system to go into a royal freak out that is a fight for my life. I cannot believe I am still here. It feels yucky typing this out, but also feels good to see myself still trying after all I've been through and with how drained I am to the core. If there is any possible way I can be a part of the trial, please contact me. My instagram is jakebjessee lots of love and health and blessings to anyone reading this.

by Jake Jessee 5 days ago

I feel that elon musk already has the Neuro link

by Garret Okeeffe 1 week ago

‪Elon Musk - “ We have a device that will go into the skull and enable people to walk again “‬
Joe : “kinda like ice fishing, you ever gone ice fishing? ‬

by / Mrbuck89 3 weeks ago

*2 minutes after podcast finishes*
Joe: ...
Elon: Got blunt?

by Mollies Cupcakes 5 days ago

I wonder if Tony Stark had a similar conversation at the dinner table with Pepper Potts when he told her how he was going to make Vision using the Mind infinity stone.

by stuart woodward 3 days ago

It's like Elon just decided to have a baby with his wife just to study the baby 👍🤣🤣

by Aaron Byrne 1 week ago

It’s funny how Rogan laughs and Elon just looks dead str8 at him😂

by itz.eli.4lif3 3 days ago

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