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Joe Rogan Experience #1473 - Tom Papa

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Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Check out his new book "You're Doing Great!" and also his podcast "Breaking Bread with Tom Papa" on Apple Podcasts. Tom Papa

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Joe Rogan was probably that kid who invited his friends over to then have them just watch him play video games, haha.

by DinkyPixie 2 weeks ago

I love that Tom doesn't just let Joe steam roll his opinions. He actually disagrees with him. So refreshing.

by marcuseth1 2 weeks ago

I must say, this is the most articulate Iโ€™ve ever seen Dr. Steve Brule.

by Dojo Joseph 6 days ago

I knew about tom through jre and he is defo top 10 guests for me i love how genuine and fun there podcasts are when there chilling

by jiminy cricket 2 weeks ago

I seriously hope the main character in Tom's book Breaking Bread is named Walter Wheat.

by Nick Lenius 2 weeks ago

Joe: "How are the airlines gonna survive this?"
Tom: "Well, they got a lotta dough"
Everything is bread with Tom Papa

by pluckyduck11y 1 week ago

I love how Joe always says, "My friend Maynard, yah know from the band Tool." As if there's any other famous person that goes by the name.. he's like Seal or Cee Lo. You don't need to elaborate beyond his name every time.

by Christopher Roy 5 days ago

Joe should talk to a therapist about his chimp incident

by steven R 1 week ago

Hard to worry about taking vitamins and sleeping well when you donโ€™t have enough money to feed your family and pay bills and your only transportation is failing you.

by Marcus Wallace 2 weeks ago

Joe pls get David Attenborough before he dies man is old bruhhh we need to hear that man on a podcast

by Jackson K 2 weeks ago

"You're getting people that have no business telling people what to do". Welcome to earth Joe. Boy if this isn't common in everyday life.

by Shawn Deshawn Griffin 2 weeks ago

โ€œSomeone is going out, keep goingโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Down Shifts 5 days ago

two Italians having a: "my grandma has the best cooking" fight.

by Subri Subrika 1 week ago

idea for a new drinking game: do a shot every time Joe says he's moving out of California but doesn't actually follow through...

by LazyLion 2 weeks ago

I wonder if that ghost is still banging his wife...

by T0nyMc716 2 weeks ago

Joe Rogan constantly showing he took a nice long nap during high school biology.

by CJ Otoniel 2 weeks ago

Tom: "Collar bones are pretty delicate"
Ruby: -_-

by SMV L 1 week ago

โ€”โ€”- Joeโ€™s reaction to Tomโ€™s fascist Apple Watch is hilarious

by Gregory Stacey 2 weeks ago

Someone said Tom Papa is a human version of a golden retriever...a truer statement has never been said!!

by T.J. Spartacus 2 weeks ago

โ€”โ€”- Joeโ€™s reaction to Tomโ€™s fascist Apple Watch is hilarious

by Gregory Stacey 2 weeks ago

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