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Joe Rogan Experience #857 - Dan Bilzerian

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Itโ€™s like he played GTA and got endless money and bought everything and now he got bored

by Eric Wood 1 month ago

His dad was a corporate takeover king and $80,000,000 of his money went "missing"...then his son pops up a few decades later and makes a hundred million bucks "playing poker". ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Ok.

by Big Vision 1 month ago

Best thing of this lockdown... Discovering joe rogan! Cant stop listening.

by JC Esterhuizen 2 months ago

Dan proves that a large percentage of women would rather be an anonymous face in a harem than the special someone to an average guy.

by jimmyjones05 3 years ago

Seems like he got quite nervous when Joe asked him how much he made on poker. He became very quiet for that one minute and then when the topic changed his entire demeanour changed back to normal. Doesn't get any more obvious than that.

by RMCF41195 2 days ago

I feel like he's lying for some reason. Is it just me?

by LOV 2 days ago

Not even 10 minutes in heโ€™s already talking about chimpanzees lol

by Heron Wagner 1 week ago

The difference between him and the Kardashians is that he's self aware about why he's famous.

by Quompalo Duckworth 1 week ago

The hairless part of Dan's face looks like the silhouette of a cat.

by Michael B 3 years ago

Joe โ€œchimps pay for sexโ€ Rogan

by Ricky Rozay 1 month ago

Im like a man dying of thirst watching another man drown

by Marco Sahagun 2 months ago

I have a feeling joe rogan doesnโ€™t believe half of the stuff dan saying

by az khan 2 weeks ago

Kinda just sounds like a gambling addiction gone right

by Matt Moore 1 month ago

Ah, the age-old story of a boy who got his heart broken by a chick in the past and does everything in the present to make her regret it.

by Armov 1 month ago

No matter what the conversation could be, Joe could easily work in a the word chimpanzee into it.

by Inert Potato salad 1 month ago

Me: Iโ€™ll never spend three hours watching a YouTube video

Coronavirus: Hold my beer

by Kevin Parry 1 month ago

Professional poker players laugh at this dude as all of his supposed poker wins are complete baloney. Dude is a trust fund kid.

by MrZizika 3 weeks ago

Took Joe 7 minutes to bring up chimps for the first time. Proud of him.

by Chad Walker 3 months ago

Dan Bilzerian strikes me as an incredibly lonely man. Something about his whole brand screams "gilded cage" to me. Good luck to you, Sir.

by furiousflower 1 month ago

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