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Joe Rogan Experience #877 - Jordan Peterson

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Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto..
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- Castro, Trudeau talk.
- Gender Pronoun discussion.
- How did we get to this point where we're repeating these patterns (deadly) like Marxism from the past??
- Why these people tend lean to this thinking (equality of outcome obsession).
- Hypocrisy and Inconsistency of the Left.
- Wage Gap BTFO
- One bit answers to everything (from the Left).
- Joe is dumbfounded by arguments from the Left about gender.
- People who have issues w/ Pronouns are fraction of fraction of Trans-people. (Incoherent claims).
- Story of Wellesley student that became man (for identity) then was denounced by own community. CHAOS.
- Getting caught in the infinite rainbow. Once everyone is marginalized, nobody is left.
- Can't have society unless everyone at least sacrifices a little bit of your individuality.
- SJWs enforcing their thinking aggressively (explained).
- Racial biases in people. Mandatory, unconscious racism training and re-education programs.
- How did we get here (asks Joe)?? (Jordan explains).
- Ideologies (seemingly innocuous) can take you down dangerous roads. (Those I disagree with are enemies).
- How millions perished in Soviet Russia. Posters saying: "Don't forget, it's wrong to eat your children"
- Why do these patterns repeat themselves (asks Joe)? "We like things simple". (who's a friend or enemy).
- Yale cupcake student BTFO....plus Halloween talk.
- Maps of Meaning class...plus how to make people less afraid.
- When did all this start (asks Joe)??
- What exactly is going on with women's studies which is fostering radical revolution (asks Joe)??
- SJWs mentality (resentment for the burden of being).
- The University=ideological factories. Admins conspire to steal future earnings of students. Indentured Servitude
- Ask a professor if they're a Marxist. Gulag Archipelago=required reading.
- Warren Farrell questions income disparity.
- Jordan accused of hate speech.
- Jordan's YouTube presence.
- Radical Left eating its own.
- Are you cynical about the future (asks Joe)??
- Long discussion about online learning and teaching.
- Jordan talks about his consulting experiences and his self-authoring suite.
- Jordan talks about reconciling being a scientist and deeply religious at the same time. (Christ=meta-hero).
- Jordan talks about comic book archetypes and universe.
- Joe asks why Cross-fit or Yoga is used as substitute for Religion (seeking fellowship, discipline, etc).
- Tensions between dogmatic element and spiritual element.
- Ideology is a parasite on religious substructures (J.K. Rowling understood).
- Capitalism isn't the problem, it's Evil. Well, yes, but...(Hurricane Katrina). God is what transcends your knowledge.
- Is the problem the term 'God'?
- Do these stories exists because there is a need for this order? (Yes, how it is we must live. Order, to avoid hell).
- Apocalypse coming? No, it's always here.
- Is frustrating not getting support for Jordan's actions?
- Intelligent != healthy or moral. Story of low I.Q. lady.
- Trying putting yourself in Auschwitz camp guard role. If opportunity presented itself, I'm not doing it.
- Truth no matter what. My language. Not saying your words or being compelled to. Legal talk.

by wymeranth 3 years ago

Welcome quaranteeners, youโ€™re late to the party, but weโ€™re happy to have you.

by Feistler McFeistlertin 1 month ago

This is so relevant right now. Wow. Jordan Peterson is the real deal.

by Natalie Engelbert 2 days ago

It's strange to hear them speak of youtube as revolutionary to speech, three years ago; today they are censoring and taking down videos, even banning people.

by Sunny Romano 3 weeks ago

2020 - "Excuse me sir"
"It's ma'am, I am biogically male but identify as female"
2030 - "Excuse me ma'am"
"It's ma'a'am, I identify as sheep"

by Red Pill X X 1 week ago

It's eerie how accurate he is when considered in the light of current day affairs...riots, lying media and politians... One step at a time. The young are not hardened. They cannot engage in intellectual combat so they engage in actual combat

by Sean Hollywood 2 days ago

This man's mind is absolutely fascinating. He has such an incredible ability to layer intellectual theories with psychology and history. And he takes it to a whole other level with the Bible theory work he has done. I'm an long time, well read Atheist and even I find his discussions surrounding those stories absolutely fascinating. Being a highly trained Clinical Psychologist, he is well versed at exploring human psyches and the study of how/why we all think and act like we do but has left him hungry for more insight into the puzzle of human existence, which he explores in his Bible speeches, trying to dig into it for substance he can rationally tie to something meaningful. It shows you how he approaches that type of work and will wrestle with his own theories in a skeptical fashion as a measurement of his arguments fundamental legitimacy, attacking his ideas from any angle he can manage. Speaks to a dedication rarely seen these days. Most just want to find information that will bolster what they already believe and that shit makes you a soft, easy mark. He is the exact opposite of soft... Because he takes time to take cracks on his own positions making them more solid than ever if they survive. I love how he can lecture off his dome like a beast about some of the most horrifying events in our history, and can go for hours and positively beams with contagious passion at all times. This is hands down one of the most enlightening podcasts I have ever consumed in my life. Canada should revere this man as a National fucking Treasure. I know I do!

by Taylor Wadlington 1 month ago

Former Harvard professor - universities do more harm than good now. Exactly.

by Lisa S 1 month ago

7,300 people disliked this. They scare me.

by AWOL Geordie 2 weeks ago

I'd never heard of Jordan Peterson 4 days ago. Now I'm listening to him talk 6 hours a day.

by Stonewall Popincrop 2 years ago

Finally, someone who talks total sense amidst this bs politically correct culture.

by Nityanand Saha roy 2 weeks ago

back for my weekly view of the man who saved my life.

by Chris Fuller 1 week ago

God Bless you Dr. Peterson, you are my hero! As a grandmother, i was introduced to you by my 25 yr. grandson. That means, we as a family has done something right. The fact that you refuse to let the loonies hijack education, the culture etc. gives me hope for the human race!


Thumbs up if this isn't your first time listening to this. Its like revisiting a good book.

by Ian H 3 years ago

"black pigment can transform cosmic energy into wisdom" now i know the secret of Wakanda technology advancement

by nguyen duy 1 month ago

I like that this has almost 10 million views. 3 of those are mine.

by shannon3192 3 weeks ago

Jordan: "The soviets produced posters in the 1930's that said, essentially, "DON'T FORGET: IT'S WRONG TO EAT YOUR CHILDREN..."
5 second silence...
Joe: "Whoah"

by Loren Tacla 5 days ago

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