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Paleontologist Trevor Valle Debunks "Dinosaurs Never Existed" Conspiracy

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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #862 with Trevor Valle (https://youtu.be/w0tG7a2nn8A), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2e8Py7W).

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This is what mountain dew would look like if it was a person.

by Killa Watt 4 months ago

This dude smart AF and is passionate about dinosaurs and exercises his god given right as an American to dip his beard in an emptied out KFC bucket full of Mountain Dew.

by Josh Chapman 2 weeks ago

This guy is the exact reason why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover

by Giuseppe Forte 2 weeks ago

Nuclear energy can’t exist because the native Americans didn’t discover it

by Jay Bisky 1 week ago

Let's not forget that dinosaurs were invented by the CIA to discourage time travel.

by Josh Gonzalez 6 months ago

He has that annoying whiney voice that makes you just wanna punch his Flat-Earther face in.

by JORDII 3 weeks ago

If dinosaurs never existed, then where did Godzilla come from?

I rest my case.

by TJ Ficarrotta 1 week ago

I prejudged him so wrong.. Didn’t expect him to be so passionate.

by French Flacco tv 2 weeks ago

If all scientists were like Trevor, a lot more people would be into Science.

by Tony Koter 2 weeks ago

This guy is obviously being funded by the big dinosaur corporations

Don't believe his lies

by Anonymous 3 years ago

Your em-PHA-sis can be on a different sylABle
Killed me

by Jack Kenny 1 week ago

Electricity isn't real, why didn't ancient civilizations have iPhones? Why did all appliances show up at the same time in the 20th century? Open your eyes people!

by Ben Tolsma 2 weeks ago

Fossil fuels don't exist, because natives never found them.

by Wednesdayfornight 2 weeks ago

Trevor looked upset when Joe asked him for a beer. He literally brought all those beers for himself. hahaha

by Kevin Lapsley 1 week ago

I mean honestly, I'm pretty sure dinosaur fossils were found even before that. I doubt the idea of dragons was just pulled out of someone's ass

by Torkel Svenson 2 months ago

Joe "Dimetradon? You mean dimethyltriptamine....?" Rogan

Edit: sorry, had to

by Matthew Mckenna 1 day ago

“Why didn’t we have dinosaur bones before we had dinosaur bones” Dude why didn’t we have hamburgers before hamburgers? Hamburgers don’t exist.

by David Roos 2 weeks ago

Joe: “Is it MegAlodon or MEgalodon megaladon?” Trevor: “It depends your emphAsis can be on a different syllAble”... that sentence literally hurt my brain. 🥴

by Jorge Aguilar 2 weeks ago

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