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Quadeca - Alone Together (Official Music Video)

#Official Music Video #Rapping #Rapper #Song #Music
Enjoy the official music video for the new Quadeca single "Alone Together" from the upcoming album "From Me To You"
STREAM IT HERE: https://quadeca.ffm.to/alonetogether
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/quadecax8/alone-together
Follow Quadeca on twitter: https://twitter.com/Quadeca
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quadeca
Song produced by Quadeca
Video directed and edited by Quadeca
Co-directed & shot by Thad Swift
check out thad here: https://www.instagram.com/thaddeus.swift/?hl=en

#From Me To You #Alone Together #Album #Hip hop #Quadeca #Rap #Single #Music Video

Quadeca photo 1 Quadeca - Alone Together (Official... Quadeca photo 2 Quadeca - Alone Together (Official... Quadeca photo 3 Quadeca - Alone Together (Official... Quadeca photo 4 Quadeca - Alone Together (Official...

How did this man still manage to grow a beard before ksi

by Spacedmass 44 1 month ago

KSI calling him out was honestly the biggest blessing in disguise

by R .D 1 month ago

Every song this dude makes โ€œDid a lot but Iโ€™m not even 21โ€ hits even harder like cmon

by tonio martin 1 month ago

Just gotta keep this man away from drugs, can't lose him

by Burner Acc 1 month ago

I want him to stay off drugs.

by Fish Guy 1 month ago

Man this guy.. has evolved to the highest level possible... and still growing

by MehdiiGC 1 month ago

Bruh this song hits different at 3am on friday nights

by Zego 1 month ago

U feel bad for the people that didn't get to listen to this masterpiece

by MOEEN 1 month ago

Quadeca's singing is so good that I wouldn't mind him making a song that's just pure singing from him

by Admiral Ramen Noodles 1 month ago

You think this kid is done but he just keeps getting better itโ€™s crazy no one improves every time like this he is goated

by Camoo 1 month ago

Quadeca: does not upload for a week


by A Kid From Africa 3 weeks ago

The song at the end is incredible, I hope it's not an interlude and that it's a full song

by Luca Tinley 1 month ago

If weekend sings this he's getting 100 million views so why doesn't quadeca deserve sumat like this. This track is legit fire I could listen to it everytime I just don't get it.

by Kamran Perwez 1 month ago

โ€œIโ€™ll only exist if you remember meโ€ thatโ€™s deep asf

by misolou fout 1 month ago

When the entire comment section turns every single bar into a quote

by Qrystral 1 month ago

Quadeca, even if you don't see this I wanted you to know I've been here since quadecax8 and you've just kept growing improving and I love where you have gotten. keep doing you bro. Can't wait for the rest of this album to come out๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ.

by Solstyn Gaines 1 month ago

Bra itโ€™s June and album is still not out just give us a estimate or something please

by Fc Elias 2 weeks ago

Me: Calls 911
911: 911 whats your emergency?
Me: Quadeca dropped a new song
911: oh sh!t the fire department is on there way!

by Tyler Fick 1 month ago

"man those gloves are really purple"-joey nato

by Namboy Gaming 4 weeks ago

Should be considered an actual artist at this point

by Avkay 1 month ago

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