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CAPONE Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hardy, Al Capone Movie HD

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CAPONE Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hardy, Al Capone Movie HD
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The 47-year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia and comes to be haunted by his violent past.
© 2020

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Studio : “how should we go about marketing the film?”
Marketing team: “let’s just use the shot of him smoking a cigar 378 times in the trailer”

by Jimmy Goodman 1 month ago


Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??

by Zona Smash Vlog 2 days ago

If Modern Warfare ever made a movie, Tom Hardy has to play Captain Price

by Kxmbxrxmi 4 weeks ago

"The final chapter of his life" oh goody, the syphilis bit.....

by CantStayAway 3 weeks ago

They caught him with tax evasion eventually and died of syphilis I believe ...not the most Hollywood end to a famous gangsters life, but it’s the truth

by Anthony Schneider 1 month ago

Tom Hardy has played so many gangsters that he’s basically become one.

by Ivbo 1 month ago

Studio: based on real events
Director : partly true, Capone was a real person.

by thunderbird002 3 weeks ago

I’ll give this a chance just because of Tom Hardy.

by Stoneman180190 1 month ago

The make up applied to Tom looks like plastic/rubber at times. Awful, just awful

by Merchant Ivory 3 weeks ago

I’m a huge Tom Hardy fan but he looks literally nothing like al Capone

by steve com 3 weeks ago

Henchman "Have we started the fire?"
Capone: "Yes. The fire rises."

by Daniel Hinojosa 3 weeks ago

“Now you know you need to launder your money right? Because I got three little letters for you IRS. If they can get Capone, then they can get you.”

- Saul Goodman to Jesse Pinkman

by tesseract2012 3 weeks ago

I feel like Hardy was using his confused eyes throughout this entire trailer

by Paul Turnbloom 1 month ago

This could have been a good movie but it ended up being one of the most boring movies.There is no plot and it s so slooow

by Mimi 007 2 weeks ago

This looks terrible, If I wanted to watch a al Capone movie I'll go back to watching the untouchables

by kryptic chaos 3 weeks ago

Don't get me wrong i'm a massive Hardy fan, but this movie looks garbage.

by GAGRALF 5 days ago

He freaking looks like biff when they made him look older lmafo

by Alex Perez 1 month ago

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