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Overwatch Moments #322

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Music, 0:06 - 0:12 That's Peanuts (60s Pop Version) by Mike Franklyn
0:13 - 0:37 Rebuild Me by Tommy Ljungberg
0:38 - 0:47 Saturday Nights Out by The New Fools
0:53 - 0:55 In Your Web by The Hoarders
0:56 - 1:13 Spillover by Robert Ruth
1:14 - 1:21 Cadillac Quiff Boys by The Best Ofs
1:22 - 1:39 Tales From Wizardville by Kikoru
1:40 - 1:56 Packin' My Bag by Alexandra Woodward
1:57 - 2:26 Thrill of the Chase by Dream Cave
2:27 - 2:50 Skip to This by The Fly Guy Five
2:51 - 3:00 There She Goes Again by The Best Ofs
3:01 - 3:20 Banana Circus by Got Jax
3:21 - 3:46 And All Her Fears Were Gone by One Drop Culture
3:47 - 4:07 Sunday Banjo by Stationary Sign
4:08 - 4:13 C'mon C'mon by Rockin' For Decades
4:18 - 4:25 Let the Old Times Roll by Benjamin Rice
4:26 - 4:56 You Can Talk by Rockin' For Decades
4:59 - 5:05 Snake Style by T. Morri
5:06 - 5:18 That's the Way I Twist by The Best Ofs
5:19 - 5:52 Chainsaw Smile by Vilhelm Hass
5:53 - 6:01 My Only Medicine by The Best Ofs
6:02 - 6:23 Bad Dreams by Mary Riddle
6:24 - 6:35 Surfs Up by Henrik Andersson
6:36 - 6:39 Permanent Hour by Reynard Seidel
6:44 - 6:55 Step on Up by Rockin' For Decades
6:56 - 7:10 Wall to Wall by Rockin' For Decades
7:16 - 7:28 Sunny Side Up by Golden Age Radio
7:29 - 7:44 Whipping Butter by Birdies
7:45 - 10:19 Music provided by Monstercat, Feint - Fury
Sound Effects from YouTube Audio Library, http://www.freesound.org, http://www.freesfx.co.uk and Epidemic Sound

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Rapida photo 1 Overwatch Moments #322 Rapida photo 2 Overwatch Moments #322 Rapida photo 3 Overwatch Moments #322 Rapida photo 4 Overwatch Moments #322

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by Rapida 2 weeks ago

Is no one going to talk about how incredible her transitions are!?!?!?!?!?

by Sleepy Guy 1 week ago

Blizzard MUST add a skin for Torbjörn namens "Thorbjörn".

by Songtao Wang 1 week ago

i was in that game and i can confirm it was hilarious

by OOF XD 1 week ago

Mercy needing a mate, proceed to lick the wall

by Orbaek Poulet 1 week ago

Let’s be real this game could be top 5 of all time possible top 3

by William Tedford 1 week ago

well that rein name was halfdeas after all

by Longder09 1 week ago

what a smooth transition wow! Done so well! Gj

by A V 1 week ago

Рапида, спасибо за твои видео. Ты единственный ютубер, который мне напоминает, что Overwatch жив :)

by Stanley 1 week ago

this channel is the best <3

by Rick S 1 day ago

Just dropping my regular comment to appease the algorithm. <3

by Abhinav Banerjee 1 week ago

Bet Macree was a bit Thor after that play.

by LAZERAK47V2 1 week ago

Nostalgia, many voices with Mortal Kombat 3 and 4)))

by Альтаир 1 week ago

moment shows that moira not dps... stay with tanks if you moira main

by YksMuksu 1 week ago

The tracer on ... I know how it feels... I played tracer on Havana and a Hanzo spamed arrows on the shileds. One of the shots just kill me because I blinked but my body fell in the side... Like he shot on nothing and I died.

by TRASH 1 week ago

делай видео в конце немножко дольше,молю:D обожаю смотреть на эти переходымежду реплеями и слушать эту музыку

by Nickita Nevsky 1 week ago

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