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How big DOES a Super Dwarf Retic get? [What you need to know]

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How big DOES a Super dwarf or Dwarf Reticulated python get? The size question is probably our most frequently asked question about Retics. 50% SD? 75% SD? Kalatoa/ Madu/ Karompa/ Kayuadi/ Jampea/ Selayer.... what does it all mean? There are more variables in small reticulated pythons, than you may have realized, and it's not such a straightforward answer. Many people have had such bad experiences buying misrepresented Superdwarf and Dwarf Retics, that actually are beginning to believe these creatures don't exist except in marketing fairytales. Garrett Hartle does his best to explain some of the things you should know before you buy that baby Retic.
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The long story short? If knowing the adult size is an important priority to you, then you should make it a very important priority to carefully select a breeder that is specifically trying to make specific sizes, rather than a breeder who simply crosses morphs into Dwarf and SD blood to have something that sells better than a regular mainland.

by Reach Out Reptiles 1 year ago

"Superdwarf" the marketing term I use to sell my husband on letting us get a Retic....

"SuperCheap" the marketing term he uses to sell me on letting us get another camaro....

by Inner City Day Dreamer 1 year ago

One of the best reptile/snake videos I've ever seen. Thank you for your time and effort on this!

by rpmoore318 2 years ago

I’ve always wanted a retic, but size is an issue. I hope to be able to buy a pure super dwarf from you, I’ve watched your videos for awhile and you seem like a knowledgeable and trustworthy breeder!

by Molly Degante 1 year ago

And THAT is why i will always get my snakes from Reach Out Reptiles!!!

by WikkidVyxen 2 years ago

A better label would’ve been Pygmy instead of dwarf

by iParaShane 2 years ago

I wish more people cared about localities rather than morphs, nothing wrong with morphs but having more people who cared about locales would be nice. Thanks for sharing!

by Mike Corbett 2 years ago

Very informative video! I have been considering getting a dwarf or super dwarf at some point in the future because I think retics look amazing. I don't want anything huge though because I am not comfortable handling anything larger than 10ft without backup. ;)

by Adventures with Reptiles 2 years ago

I'm so glad you are on Youtube to counteract the Brian Barzyck's of the world and to a lesser degree, Jay's . You break it down , explain, and are honest. Please keep making these for the sake of the community as a whole.

by SoCal Chris 1 year ago

This was an excellent video. Very informative. Thank you. I needed this. I want a Retic, but I don't want to deal the size of the larger snakes.

by David Callahan 2 years ago

The Burmese pythons of the Everglades are already beginning to shrink. Breeding at much smaller sizes then ever before in captivity. Most of the specimens reaching 12 feet are found dead in the winter. Smaller specimens are able to warm up faster on chilli days. All of them are still dying at 10 to 12 feet but they have already reproduced so they live on. In another hundred years they will truly be dwarfs. That's some fast evolution.

by Dee Dish 1 year ago

Awesome video! I've always thought retics are absolutely gorgeous, but I'd more or less written them off of my reptile bucket list due to their size. Thanks for all the info! Now the sd retic is on my list, and I know which information to ask for. (:

by Olivituss 1 year ago

Stumbled across this video today and let me just say thank you! The knowledge shared was well put together and explained hats off to this channel! Subbed and alerts on for more great content!

by Evan Smith 2 years ago

Rubbing its head on you like my dog does when she wants attention. ADORABLE 😍🤗

by I, DON'T, EXIST 7 months ago

Awesome video. I love how you provided examples and, especially, emphasized the importance of honesty as a breeder. Kind of sad you didn't show a close up of the GC (?), though. :P

by Chloe S 1 year ago

Hello i have a 50% dwarf retic her mom is 100% dwarf karompa and her dad is retic motley.. my question is how long my 50% dwarf retic if she got her full size..? Im sory if my english is too bad 😄

by Pambudi koko 2 years ago

Great info and time someone set the record straight. Underfed is how it is with them more than the fact they are a super dwarf and such a shame for the animal not a great way to start off its life. Keep the great info coming and l am looking forward to seeing your videos as l am a knew sub here.

by Gotta love carpet pythons 2 years ago

Not currently in the market for dwarf or super dwarf retics but I really like the style of your video and I'm glad it's here as a reference should our plans at 13 SerpentS expand into that area which, long term, is a possibility. Thanks!

by todd moore 1 year ago

Thank you, finally someone explained it! I really want a retic but I can't provide the large amount id space a regular retic needs. So I've been looking into dwar/. super dwarfsThank you.

by Danielle B. 2 years ago

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