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Episode 1042 Scott Adams: Let's Talk About All the Bad People and Funny People

#Lena Dunham #Politics #Joe Biden #BLM #News & Politics
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Content, -----------
- Dumping on Lena Dunham's success
- Skin color mandates agreement with BLM?
- Life success is strategy, not skin color
- St. Louis gun-toting home owners
- Daily Beast hit piece on Van Jones
- Cognitively impaired Biden and cognitive dissonance
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#Scott Adams #President Trump #Van Jones

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Kind of the story of my life
(Includes systems over goals, talent stacks, etc.)

Persuasion in a world where facts don’t matter

How untrained brains are ruining America

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by Real Coffee with Scott Adams 9 hours ago

I was born ghetto poor in a hostile inner city. I got out using the no drugs, stay out of trouble and work hard. Nearing retirement and more comfortable financially than I ever thought I would be.

by Venture B. 9 hours ago

I as a black man agree with everything your saying Scott

by Reggie brun 9 hours ago

Ben Carson is an example of your choice question. Child of single mom; lived in tenements; mom worked; mom didn’t know how to read. But mom motivated sons to read, made them read and report to her on books.

by Susan D 7 hours ago

In this video, Scott gets out of jury duty for the rest of his life.

by B Spin 6 hours ago

The Indians in America are the cream of their society who have impeccable manners ,advanced degrees and elite IQ's you are comparing oranges to lemons.

by Stephen Cochrane 8 hours ago

Scott just got himself excluded from jury service for the next 20 years, genius!

by Bill Whittaker 9 hours ago

I'm married to someone from India. I'll tell you one word for why Indian Americans do well: FAMILY. There is NOTHING as important to their culture as family. And that marriage happens for the success of the family, not simply for love. And that their commitment to something larger than oneself is what translates into business/economic success.

by DTRJr 7 hours ago

I usually switch off any video where a great deal of cursing is being said. I'm also one of those prudes who generally get offended by the "f" word. However, I want to thank Scott Adams for his rant today because, for once, I honestly feel better now! I have a level of frustration that has been building up for so darned long now, it felt good to hear him express what I was feeling. I'm not a regular listened, nor am I a subscriber, so I obviously wasn't prepared for his rant today. I just might listen more frequently after today!

by Carmen Nooner 7 hours ago

[Lena] Dunham has described herself as feeling "very culturally Jewish, although that's the biggest cliché for a Jewish woman to say." - Wikipedia

by John Lathrop 9 hours ago

Scott should talk to Larry Elder. He'd get red-pilled just like Rubin did.

by Edward Teach 7 hours ago

I’ve heard the couple defending their home had spent 30 years and millions of dollars restoring the building from a standing ruin to its former glory.

by Bill Whittaker 9 hours ago

It’s not simply a matter of being lucky and having good parents...it’s also a matter of significantly improving the likelihood by creating an expectation that mothers and fathers will be great parents.

by Eric 9 hours ago

"Work ethic" isn't racist. There are lazy people and industrious people of every race. There are certain cultures that promote industriousness (many, but not all, Asian cultures for instance), but it's not a race thing. If it were race, North Korea would be just as prosperous as South Korea.

by sferrin2 3 hours ago

You know what group is the most discriminated against in the work force? People 50 and over!!!! It doesn’t matter what your race or color is... companies have no problem letting there senior employees go. I was there for 22 years and bye bye.

by Louise 9 hours ago

Who said life was 'fair'? no matter your skin color

by get knit 9 hours ago

CNN has a report out that protestors did not cause a spike in coronavirus, but a Trump rally and beachgoers do. Somehow, BLM is immune to the virus. Why haven't they shared their secret with the scientists?

by Jim Gallagher 5 hours ago

I wish Trump would behave himself for an extended period of time. Maybe not talk or tweet anything for a while, just release official statements.

by Ariel Gideon 10 hours ago

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