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Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid HD 1080i (Spanish Super Cup) Full Match Highlights 13/08/17

RealMadrid.Universe photo 1 Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid HD... RealMadrid.Universe photo 2 Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid HD... RealMadrid.Universe photo 3 Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid HD... RealMadrid.Universe photo 4 Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid HD...

Who is better:

C. Ronaldo:like
L. Messi:comments

by Steven Zack 5 months ago

When Barca dives, gets a penalty,
when Ronaldo is actually fouled, he is sent off...

by David Bunček 7 months ago

Luis Suarez: no contact - penalty
Cristiano Ronaldo: contact - second yellow card

by Liberal Burlado 5 months ago

i miss cristiano ronaldo playing with real madrid :( 😭😭😭😭😭

by Bot KN 7 months ago

Why no one mention how Benzema destroyed pique's defender honor

by Big Booty Niqqa 4 months ago

Every time i watch this my blood boils...That referee deserves a good punch on his face.

by Club Rana 5 months ago

Barcelona 12 players including refree and real Madrid 10 players . Still real won . Hala Madrid.

by Hafees Nizamudeen 4 months ago

Barcelona . Team of greatest divers in football history. They should have been banned.

by Hfyug Hfyuh 4 months ago

I was at the Nou camp that day, atmosphere amazing,

Also I love how everyone booed Ronaldo and then he scores an iconic goal

by Luka Jesus-Henry 7 months ago

Till today im thinking reason behind that RED card to CR7 😂😂😂...most hilarious decison ever by Referee..

by Kuber Bk 5 months ago

Meanwhile a Bot Messi approaching in ()
And a Bot Busquets in ()
And a Fish Bot Suarez in ()
And a Fish Fryer Sergio Ramos ()
And a legend Cristiano in ()
Look at that counter attack in ()
And a Cool trick to foul by Samuel Umtiti ()
And a paid 12th player show in ()
Fish tryna shoot ()
And a new guy with fantastic shot ()
Congrats you're saved from 14 min 17 sec.

by Bashir Aun Nur Mahi 4 months ago

i am a simple man, i see Barcelona suffer, i click like

by Twe Foju 9 months ago

Who here after the Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid 2020 ?

by chasinracksix00 3 months ago

One of the best Defender
One of the best Goalkeeper
Couldn't stop him in 79th minute really hats off CR7 U are the Real Goat😍😍😍

by Sonu Shetty 7 months ago

suarez should be in Hollywood..he can win oscar easily

by Bhaskar Gogoi 1 year ago

Los Catalanes ni robando pueden, baño en toda regla.

by Conillet Rostit 4 months ago

gran f por la botella
PD: no se porque YouTube me recomienda esto a casi mediados de 2020

by Gete 973 2 weeks ago

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