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The New Rules Of The Music Industry - TheRecordingRevolution.com

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If you're an artist or band trying to get your music out to the world (or even make a living) then you need to play by the new rules.
Gone are the old days of the music industry where you would hope to get signed and then become a star (i.e. everything would be done for you).
Today you need to view yourself (and your music) through the lens of three very important truths. I call them the new rules of the music industry, and those who play by them will succeed.

#recordingrevolution #music industry #how to make it in the music business #recording revolution

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You just need to write, sing, compose, produce, record, mix, master, engage, plan, promote, record videos, run marketing campaigns, network, organize shows, buy equipment, learn graphic design, design logo, run snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud, release, distribute, respond to every comment, design covers, update social media, plan music video, script, produce, direct, act, make photos, edit photos, and get a job to buy food. EASY! :D

by Patryk Narbut 2 years ago

yo this is EXACTLY what i needed to hear right now. My perfectionism is preventing me from releasing anything! Thanks so much for making this video

by auza13 3 years ago

Perfectionist is a killer... for 10 years I kept all my music to myself... I allways tought I was not "good enough". But I got enough of that... I finally started to share my ideas! even improvisations, or raw tracks. Something I would never call "songs" before. It feels great! :)

by EpicZEVEN 3 years ago

The fact that this is all true doesn't make it less depressing

by geecen 3 years ago

Only 3 Labels run entire music industry.
Universal Music Group (UMG)
Sony Music Entertainment (SME)
Warner Music Group (WMG)

by DVD 78 2 years ago

My dear musician friends: If you wish to stop eating ramen noodles then please listen to and heed Graham's advice. By reading these comments I can easily tell who's eating the ramen.

by Don Chapman 3 years ago

Perfectionism is a nasty beast. The main force behind it is the fact that many of us truly feel a sacred connection to our art (I would consider mixing to be an art also). One of the biggest things that opened my eyes to the reality of creating music was reading stories about my favorite bands and their recordings. For me, learning about the difficulties facing bands like the Beatles and Pink Floyd was like a revelation. Albums I've considered "perfect" as a fan are probably anything but perfect from the band's perspective. That is what inspires me to work faster and criticize less harshly.

by Kevin McGrath 3 years ago

I'm bad at the "Finishing the project" thing. But the fact of "Just release it" is almost scary but almost liberating at the same time. I know what I can/will do.

by jphi1000 3 years ago

Worked with dozens and of artists over 19 years of producing and recording/mixing... agree with Graham. I read a bunch of you are getting hung up on what he is saying about getting hung up on quality... but that does not mean to create stuff skillful and make your art the best you can! Its more that guys like us see soooo many artists getting hung up and they could A.) be way more successful and more people hearing there work, and B.) getting to that amazing song that they needed to put out 20 songs to get to that one... who cares if thousands even of people listen to the 20 bad ones? People like to see the process these days when that used to not be a thing. I'm not just side with every opinion and idea I hear... I think critically BUT on this one I'm going to agree with Graham, he is really onto something here. Story is king, content is king, authenticity is king, how bout quality is queen ;-) lol... Lets make more music!!!

by Sam Knaak 3 years ago

Totally! If you're too precious with your content you'll never release it. I've read and heard so often that people love the see an artists journey. That's the putting out content part.

You'll get better with time, and your old stuff will always suck to you ... but to other people, that don't do what you do, it's amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ ...or so I've been told ๐Ÿ˜…

Thanks Graham.

by Tazonium 3 years ago

I agree 100% , anybody needs good recording devices and fresh ideas , needs also to kill the
3 P's as said the perfectionism,procrastination and paralysis

by Wael Chorfan 3 years ago

Really take to heart what Graham is saying about perfection. I was in a band in the middle to late 90's. We had three songs test marketed on radio in NY, LA and Chicago as well as locally to Charlotte, NC where I was based. Record labels were courting us and we had 2 EPs to our credit. We fell apart due to internal differences. I beat myself up over it for years and years. A friend of mine gave me a figurative slap by saying, "You got father than most people and managed to create something people loved and enjoyed." He was right. I let my drive for perfection blind me to the point that I never enjoyed what I did nor created. Don't let this happen.

by Troy Losse 3 years ago

Hi Graham, love your content man I've learned a lot. An idea about a future video: How about doing something about copyright rules etc?

by Andrew Wires 3 years ago

I really needed to hear this! I take way too long trying to perfect a song when the whole time I'm ultimately being unproductive. I'm gonna release music more often without worrying about imperfections ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

by imBustaCap 3 years ago

i'm not an artist or musician, I just love learning about this and music charts and all that. this was really good. very true everything you said. wish I could be a promoter lol not a producer.

by Yuh Sehd 1 year ago

I struggle with appreciating the original piece so I feel the need to get opinions from other people and they say I'm worrying for nothing.

by It'sCherish Doll 2 years ago

I've been putting more and more things out quikly and without big thought and the thing is that people lissen to it and say that it's even better than I thoght it was!

by Andrรฉ Figueiredo 3 years ago

Dude, I love this. I was having this exact conversation with a good friend of mine just the other day. He is taking that same approach of seeing himself as a brand more than a musician. He also releases a single every month. It's crazy how similar his philosophy on this is as yours. You should check him out if you have time! His band(brand?) is Hello Taylor. He has a YouTube channel, but he is more established on Facebook and Insta. Thanks for all your content, dude. It's always inspiring!

by Theodore Cross 3 years ago

Itโ€™s so hard to share imperfect creations ๐Ÿ˜ฉ This holds me back from creating content regularly. I over think everything before putting it out, including simple post that just keep followers updated in my journey.

I have a habit of sharing the process. Iโ€™m only comfortable sharing the results

by TheeBoujeeGypsy 2 years ago

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