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Why John Krasinski SOLD Some Good News (SGN)

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John Krasinski, creator of the Some Good News (SGN) recently sold off the show to CBS for a bucket of cash. That's some BAD News...
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Hank Green & Philly D Talk SGN, https://youtu.be/_fvv-T6fqfE
John Krasinski Talks The Future Of 'Some Good News'
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I'd like to clarify that I am still a fan of both John & SGN. My issue is not with the sale of the show, but rather the lack of transparency around it. The fact that John didn't mention anything about it in the final episode... Along with his tweets that danced around it as well. Shows that John KNEW that selling it wasn't a good look for him.
As a creator, it's necessary to communicate big changes (LIKE SWITCHING PLATFORMS) to your audience. John, unfortunately, did not. If he had been honest with his audience about the sale before he left, then this whole transition to CBS would have gone over a lot smoother.

by Reece The Beast 3 weeks ago

I really hope you get your big break one day. Seriously this channel is perfect it's going to blow up I just cannot express it more enough. But you have to hit that big break and YouTube doesn't like featuring small creators.

by MKDS Pancakes 3 weeks ago

Your voices are pretty amazing. Thanks for posting!

by Jaryd Weiss 1 month ago

This was a decent video. I'm surprised you only have 100 subs

by GroundKicker 2 weeks ago

you guys are pissing me off with your agenda!!! Leave JK alone and our culture!

by JRD 3 weeks ago

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