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13 MANA SPELL ISN'T BAD?! Doing Work with Phaoris Shaman! | Galakrond's Awakening | Hearthstone

#Adventure #Top Shaman #GA Decks #Ra-Den Shaman #Gaming
Eye of the Storm seemed almost impossible to play since it cost 13 total mana, but when you squeeze into a super control deck with King Phaoris, it might just work!.
Decklist: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks...
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Deck Teaser | Hearthstone | 13 MANA SPELL?! Super BIG Spells Doing Work in Control Shaman!

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RegisKillbin photo 1 13 MANA SPELL ISN'T BAD?!... RegisKillbin photo 2 13 MANA SPELL ISN'T BAD?!... RegisKillbin photo 3 13 MANA SPELL ISN'T BAD?!... RegisKillbin photo 4 13 MANA SPELL ISN'T BAD?!...

Be sure to stick around through the ending to the final game in this video. You won't want to miss it.

by RegisKillbin 4 months ago

Since you really really rely on drawing Phaorisโ€ฆ. why isn't Thalnos in this deck? So much synergy!

by Gabriele .Cuoghi 4 months ago

It was lethal with just rolling one launcher, he had the regular druid hero power (shocking as that is).

by Daniel Sigler 4 months ago

All of the new cards are shockingly uninteresting.

by Keith 4 months ago

This deck will be really fun when the legendary weapon comes

by Miguel Silva 4 months ago

Paladin deck = Chump deck <3

by Ori Lider 4 months ago

see? i knew you was judging Eye of the Storm too harshly, just like you did with Lackeys and look how good they really are.

by The Gaming Paladin 4 months ago

witch's brew can heal minions KEKW xD

by Blood Dragon 1 week ago

Now stick the new legendary wep in

by Knubja 4 months ago

the second game against the paladin is exactly the deck Chump was playing!

by Ry-7hym 3 months ago

How about the 4/4 5mana minion which deals 4 damage if you are holding a 5cost spell or higher?

by Wal Rider 4 months ago

Would you be willing to try out Big spell pally with King phaoris, prismatic lens and Nozdormu the timeless and try make that work? I would try it out myself but King Phaoris seems like a bad craft for f2p

by 9Howls 4 months ago

Why not witch brew the fountain so it sticks and still heals for enough?

by Steff Hoekstra 2 months ago

This video showed me how strong walking fountain is , I have spoken .

by Murloc Mage 4 months ago

You should put in a normal hagatha, i say that so you can attempt to get eye of the storm on top of a 5/5 body and an additional spell

by Final Boss Veigar 4 months ago

I started playing this deck as soon as I saw that spell it's not an amazing deck but it sure is fun

by Tobias Erkenrath 4 months ago

Regis, I live in kcmo and I enjoyed your kc chiefs reference

by Cadaverblaqk 4 months ago

Love that he used myhomeboy as the picture

by Torren Wilson 4 months ago

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