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RA Sessions: Nils Frahm - All Melody / #2 | Resident Advisor

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Nils Frahm's music has its own distinctive place somewhere between electronic music and classical. A gifted pianist on the one hand—he was tutored by Nahum Brodski, whose own teacher was a protégé of Tchaikovsky—he's also captivated by electronics, developing a mastery of synths and drum machines. Anyone who's seen Frahm perform will know his musical gifts are complemented by a bubbling energy and playful streak that marks him as a unique live act.
Though he's been credited on more than a dozen albums stretching back to 2005, 2013 was something of a breakthrough year for Frahm. His Spaces album, released on UK label Erased Tapes, was widely acclaimed, and made it into RA's rundown of 2013's best LPs. Spaces showcased his exceptional skill on stage. The album was built from live recordings made over a two-year period. In 2014 he's been busy touring, with a second round of North American dates coming up in November.
Stopping by RA's London office with a Juno, Fender Rhodes, drum machine and tape delay, Frahm performed two brand new songs: "All Melody" and "#2."
Director - Sim Higginson
Producer - Debbie Butts.
Editor & Sound Engineer - Guy Clarke
Camera - Debbie Butts, Guy Clarke, Dan Higginson, Sim Higginson
Colourist - Adam Clarke (Absolute Post)

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This... this made my day. Made my week. Made my month. Made my year. Made my life. I am deeply thankful for this experience.

by Zuckerwatte Zacharias 4 years ago

Super Jam: Nicolas Jaar (DARKSIDE), David August, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds

by HeadLinerTV 4 years ago

God, I love this guy. around is CRAZY good.....damn

by Anitra Cole 8 months ago

this music...i dissolve in this water, i disappear here. It represents the soul of my generation, living in immense towns, pulsing on the edge of the high-rise buildings, getting lost in rusty factories, accelerating on the highways and never finding the source of sadness or hapiness. It doesn't matter right now. Thanks Nils

by IHAR Staravoitau 4 years ago

Charlie from Always Sunny is just killin this electronic music thing

by William James 1 year ago

saw this semi-god live three days ago and i couldn't help feeling like i was in haven during the gig. he was extraordinary. i just closed my eyes and felt the music giving me chills through all the spine… goose bumps all over my arms… my legs were shaking and i had butterflies in my stomach. i think that's what pure love feels like, and i felt like i was in love for the first time. with music. his music.

god bless you nils frahm.

by wolwol3 5 years ago

That Juno is doing more than just collecting dust.

by kosmikmusa 4 months ago

Been listening to this guy on the YouTube for a year now. Goes straight for my heart every single time.....

by Trudie van den Bos 7 months ago

This made me cry... Play it at my funeral....

by Sphiwe Masinga 4 years ago

I listened to this with my eyes closed, and I seriously forgot about reality for a moment there. I am dead sober also. Music is a powerful drug indeed

by Radio-Friendly Unit Shifter 2 years ago

Nils reminds of a young Klaus Schulze (in his own unique way, of course). Will be watching out for his work.

by Jefferson 1 year ago

Genius - in and with the music. Thanks a lot.

by Frank Schmitz 2 months ago

This is exactly the video I've been waiting for since seeing Nils perform #2 at his most recent set at Glasslands.  Good, good, good work.

by Terence Petersen 5 years ago

Hands down one my favorite musicians of all time.

by ElementL116 4 years ago

I went to sleep with this and woke up with firm decisions in my life

by Lucilup 1 year ago

he's literally reaching inside his space echo and using the tape heads as an instrument, that's insane.

by Morgan Huggins 4 years ago

Never heard of this man until now..... Wow.

by Steven Torres 5 years ago

i love when he creates the detune by shaking the space echo, this is amazing!

by henners151 5 years ago

I love how this man humps the air when he performs his music

by kainoamh 4 weeks ago

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